16 thoughts on “oil pressure on my briggs and stratton engine

  1. yea, then tecumseh engines have them mechanical oil pump, and they can go out on you without warning, that is why i am a briggs and stratton fan

  2. lol i used to have a craftsman rear engine rider, and it has a shitty tecumseh engine on it, 3 months later, it threw a rod, i told them i want a briggs engine on it or a full refund, so i got my money back until a few years later, craftsman went into briggs and that is the reason i got a craftsman tractor

  3. i like to find me something like that, to cruise around town on it, goto a car show and enter it for a flame throwing contest and neon parade… gonna be fun as soon as i find one

  4. That built oil pressure surprisingly quick. Guess I can stop yelling at my father when he sets the Kohler V-twin in his tractor full throttle the moment it kicks over

  5. all techumseh engines espiacally snoblowers and generators should have this8 nearly seized one up becuase or no oil pres dro warning!

  6. @weasel884, yup, i just don't like the mechanical oil pump inside them tecumseh engines, they can fail without warning, i had 2 mowers that has tecumseh engines on them, one seized up and the other threw a rod, i said, no more tecumseh engines on my mowers, i am sticking with briggs for good

  7. @SpiritsoftheWolf is it possible that i can put a oil pressure guage on a OHV briggs 12 hp with no oil filter? its also a diamond seris and i cant lose such a nice running mower (my yard is a hill that would cook a sump motor)

  8. @weasel884, i don't think you need to worry about that, if the engine don't have a oil filter on it, it has a splash type lubercation, i got an MTD tractor and it has an OHV and it has a splash type lubercation on it, does it has a low oil alert on it? if it does, that is the same way except when the engine starts to run low on ol, it shuts the engine down

  9. @SpiritsoftheWolf no it has no idiot light for pressure drop off,the oly thing to check for oil is the dipstick.other than that you have no idea how much pressure there is.

  10. @weasel884, if the engine don't have an oil filter on it, it is a splash type lubercation, and that means there is no oil pressure needed for it, the splash type is a oil slinger that sits in the oil reservoir and when the engine starts the camshaft gear spins the splasher splashing the oil all over inside the engine, my MTD has that and it has an OHV

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