20 thoughts on “Old Cast Iron Single 16hp Briggs and Stratton

  1. i have a question, i have a similar engine. when i start it and run it for a while, then i take the head off, there is a small pool of oil on top of the piston,also the mufffler gets extremely hot, i mean too hot

  2. @xXSOKkenrusXx It needs new rings and the cylinder honed. This will take care of the oil getting past the rings and give you more power. The mufflers on these will actually get red hot. Just be sure you have good air flow across the top of the engine. If you don't feel a good bit of air blowing across the head then you need to remove the flywheel housing and clean out the vent fins. Mice love to take refuge in these old engines, so it's not uncommon to find nests in them. Cheers!!

  3. @ZippoVarga guess what, now i took the engine in to the shop to get it checked out, also i did not have the piston in the engine at the time (also the inside of my engine is in good condition)and they said that the engine was blown up and that it threw a rod. Thats just BS,

  4. @ad356 They are more common than one would think!! I took in an old 1964 Briggs 23D that I thought would surely have a nest because it had been in a barn sitting for over 20 years.

  5. I'm not exactly when the cut off year was, but it was in the mid 1980s to late 1980s. They had an automotive type starter instead of the old Starter Generators.

  6. I have 16 hp single 326431-0127-01. I have to replace the coil/mag with a new one. It did not have one in it when I got it. The new coil/mag has two wires coming out of it (excluding the plug wire). I believe one goes to the points. Where does the other one go? Also, the inner flywheel cover has an insulated stud in it, what is this for.

  7. Last question first. The insulated stud is to connect the coil wire to, then on the back side, you connect the wire that goes to the points. The two wires…one should have a small eyelet on it, that is your ground for the coil and mounts to one of the retaining screws. If there's no eyelet, just crimp one on the shorter of the two wires and mount with one of the mag retaining screws. See my video on Magneto/Magnetron installation for proper spacing between the Mag and Flywheel. Cheers!!

  8. Sorry for the long delay in answering. My settings didn't show you replied. These can still be found new on ebay, but expect to pay a premium for a new one ($1200.00) Do a search on Google for small engine classifieds and you should get a lot of results. Good luck in your hunt for the good old American Made Iron!!

  9. bonjour je suis de quebec j ai le meme moteur que vous un 16 hp 531cc il partais tres bien et la plus rien j ai defait la boite des pointe et a ma grande surprise il a rien a l interieur,,,et il part avec une corde enrouler sur la fly wheel…se moteur est poser dans un terra jet merci

  10. On the bottom of these carbs there is a round hole with like a brass colored plug in it… mine leaks fuel from time to time from there.. What exactly is that?

  11. Where can I order the coil, points, and a carb kit for a 9hp cast iron engine from? I've called the company of briggs and stratton and they told me that they were no longer available

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