33 thoughts on “ONAN ENGINE TEARDOWN

  1. My P216 and P220 are the best motors I've owned. It's crazy that yours blew up and mine needed a new connecting rod, but it's all due to abuse. These are industrial motors, 4000 hours is normal for them before tear down. I hope you guys get her going, nothing sounds like an Onan.

    Craigslist be like 'One used Onan con rod and piston assy. – slightly used' 😀

  3. U guys do a great job ive seen many of your videos bit just a pointer id replace the other side connecting rod and put fresh rings on the other piston n hone the some good cross action n fire her up thanks for the vid

  4. hi, I have a NewHolland LS120 with ONAN gas engine, somebody messed up with the ingnition coil  and wires, can you help me with a electric schematic to put it back together. thank you

  5. This is astounding. For a rod to disintegrate that bad and that no more damage was done than this, all I can say is that I hope your luck runs this good through out your life's.

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