15 thoughts on “Over Revving Lawn Mower Engine Fix | Briggs and Stratton

  1. Thanks I'm changing those two springs,the actual governor lever doesn't seem as loose as yours so a squirt of wd40 will do the the trick! Already overhauled the carb. I've not owned a B&S mower before,so unsure if it's meant to be on a constant idle or rev up and down a bit?

  2. Hi just cleaned the carb on a b&s 500series works on a throttle cable & now its reving high rpm & the govenor linkage is stiff my carb has only one spring any ideas please thanks den &

  3. checked all that have fixed it turned out to be the stopper plate for the governor arm inside by the mag was bent and restricting the governor movement all now thanks for the help

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