4 thoughts on “P218g surging

  1. Hi i have worked on these engines all my life and this is caused my the low speed jet stoped up or fuel mixture screw need to be backed out about half a turn or so. this screw is located close to the bottom of the carb sometimes they hide it with a little metal stopper. you can get this out with a small screwdriver and peck it out. it will not damage the carb. hope this helps

  2. I completely tore down the carb and cleaned it.  I found that the oil health and quantity is very VERY important. Right now, the tractor is running great.  If you know the history of the the 317/318 you know why oil is a critical issue. I would start with the oil, complete oil change and filter. Then I would clean the carb like it has never been cleaned before. Be careful, however, because the pickup tube is fragile, and that carb is not cheap. The tube can not be replaced, have to buy a new carb (or maybe just the top end, I forget) But the tube can not be replaced.

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