Part 2 Craftsman Lawnmower Timing Repair Click link to get your tecumseh parts.
In this video we take a look at this Craftsman lawnmower and determine why it makes a pop sound out the muffler when it runs. Disclaimer:
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39 thoughts on “Part 2 Craftsman Lawnmower Timing Repair

  1. I was looking for help in reviving an old Craftsman lawnmower and found this video very thorough and easy to follow. Thanks for the help!

  2. very good job,i have the same outfit and home I did the same thing to mine and a new coil while I was in there. very well done thanks. sam

  3. I've watched this 3 times and I learn something each time. These Tecumseh engines can drive you up the wall. I gained confidence with them after seeing how you didn't give up on this one. Only problem now is so many of them need engine brake cables. The spring tension seems greater than on a Briggs. Lots of stress on the cable.

  4. Thank you for the videos. You know your stuff. I'm just learning. i enjoy getting a mower for free or cheap and reselling them. When it fires up and runs good for the first time it feel great doesn't it! Addicting! Your reaction to the bent blade in the first video made me laugh really hard. Like you were mildly shocked lol, Thanks again!

  5. Great video I have pretty much same mower and same problem. I will do carb bowl check first and so on but I suspect it is fly wheel key. Thanks gyhembree

  6. Doublewide6 Thanks for the video. I have away so many good brand new lawnmowers from hitting rocks and shearing the pin. It's never too late to learn even at 52 ?

  7. I hit a stump in my yard. I bent the blade. I replaced the blade. The engine ran very badly. I went to YouTube and found this video. First time doing something like this. I fixed my lawnmower in 1 hour.
    I don't think that I need to say anything else.

  8. Thanks for taking the time to make the very informative , easy to understand and step by step videos on different topics in small engine repair. Some videos on here skip some Very crucial steps in the process. I have to be shown step by step what to do Again thanks for being so detailed on every step it takes.

  9. I wouldn't put that much time and money in a mower without a bag or rear bag attached because they just don't sell. I have been repairing lawn mowers for the last 20 years now and at least in my area people just don't want a mower without a bag on it. They basically want a rear bagger, they are much better to sell. If the mower is in good condition and real clean it looks like it was taken care of, then I can get about  $ 50-75.00 for them.  I also use Amsoil small engine synthetic oil in them. It is the best  10W-30/30W oil.

  10. Very good video. I like how you take the time to explain what you are doing and why you are doing it plus you start from the beginning so that people like myself can understand how to do it. Some people assume that we already know how to do repair jobs I have to have videos like yours step by step with pictures. Or videos showing exactly what to look for and do to fix the problem. Thanks for all the very informative info. It has encouraged me to try and fix my own equipment in the future and maybe starting my own small engine repair shop

  11. Great video, I have a Tecumseh engine I'm working on and my next step is to check the flywheel key. On Donyboy73's page he replaced the "L" shaped flywheel key with a rectangular one, any thoughts on that ?

  12. I though that you put forth a good and insightful presentation that was well done and understandable. I am going to put this information to work on a craftsman lawn tracker to see why it is acting up after 20 years of service.

  13. excellent video I think that's what happened to my mower I'm going to take a look at it I did hit a large piece of wood and thank you for the video

  14. good job on the timing fix i have a weed eater its an old polan pro heavy duty it trys to go but wont unless the choke is on all the time what do you think could be a quick fix for that problem

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