Part 2 – Installing A Head Unit – Adjusting The Speed Governor – E-Z-GO Off Road Lifted Golf Cart

We will upgrade the clutches with a torque kit, install a aftermarket exhaust, install a head unit, adjust the speed governor… etc…

After that, we will have some amazing, off-road, rock crawling & mudding video for ya!!!

The golf cart was bought with a 5″ lift, a rear seat (which will be removed for crawling), and headlights and taillights.

I have already added a 130dB horn.

Coming Soon… Another Epic Project By PowerSports420… E-Z-GO Rock Crawling Golf Cart…

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P.S. Due to an upload error, the video came out 10x too quiet…. SORRY!!!




11 thoughts on “Part 2 – Installing A Head Unit – Adjusting The Speed Governor – E-Z-GO Off Road Lifted Golf Cart

  1. I have a 2005 ego cart 9hp robins, just put a 5in madjax lift 23in tires and Gboost clutch kit. I'm still having issues on hills still motor is boggy but on flat ground all kinds of power. It also has new plug wires and valves adjusted if any of you have any suggestions please let me know.

  2. I think my E-Z GO golf cart must be too new because I found that string deal and it has a small nut on the end, but when I try to tighten the bolt it turns the whole deal and the spring doesn't tighten any. The small bolt has already used up all the thread of the bolt, but the spring it still very loose. Is there any other way I can still tighten that spring or increase the speed somehow?

  3. can u help me with the drive belt on my golf cart got my cart running but will not go is there a tension pully or something to keep the drive belt tight

  4. WOW. I never watched it on YouTube before. I guess something went wrong with the render and/or upload. That sucks… Well, if ur interesting in golf cart offroading, check out Part 1, Part 5 or Part 6. THANKS!!!

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