29 thoughts on “Part 3 of 3: Rebuilding 10HP Briggs and Stratton Engine : Rings, Gaskets, Reseat Valves

  1. I know what u mean about the chainsaws and mowers. Have u worked on zero turn mowers any?? I have a Graveley 44in 19 hp it's making a squeaky noise. I've not checked into it to see what it might be

  2. I was just wondering if u could tell me how is the best way to charge the customer when working on small engines. Lawnmoweers. E t c Do u charge by the hour or the job??

  3. How many mowers do u have ??? I could've been like u if I would've taken the initiative to learn from my dad while he was living and able. I learned a lot from him. I would love to start a small engine repair shop. Do u have any comments or ideas on the ins and outs of small engine repair

  4. Nice video how do you determine when and exactly a motor needs to be rebuilt or not ??? I'm sure that you do a compression test what other steps do you take

  5. I have a 17.5 hp Briggs and Stratton with one of the rods connecting to the tappets is bent, from what I can see there is nothing binding. Any ideas?

  6. Is it preferable to change the valve spring cover once in a while or does it last forever ? What should I look for if its faulty. Thanks a lot.

  7. My riding mower will start up on the first time and smoke a bit, then it runs fine.. But if I turn it off, it won't start back for a while.. I usually have to hook jumper cables to the battery and just keep trying to start it… Any idea man? Thanks!

  8. great video, my 1993 Murray 12.5 HP engine leaks oil at the bottom of the engine, the bolts keep lostening up.
    I guess the only way to fix that is to pull out the engine.

  9. A simple but weird question that picked my curiosity. Is the extension between the torque wrench and socket would give you a faulty reading ?  Thumbs-up again !

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