4 thoughts on “Part 3 Taking apart and rebuilding a small engine series

  1. I'm 66 years old. I took 2 years of auto shop in HS. My instructor gave us a "poetic" way of determining displacement. I remember it to this day. It is "Bore x Bore x .7854 x stroke x # of cylinders". Excellent video. I'm always finding myself working on small engines at my church. Even a 66 year old can learn something new.

  2. omg please fix your playlist. the order is backwards . the last video plays first. and why do take each video with a perfect audio noise floor and slap on the end of each video a 'please subscribe please please please" with horrible audio. if you want views then end each video cleanly. What do I know? I live in Hollywood, CA and I edit raw video.

  3. just found your site – been great! i have previously figured out how to change oil and sparkplugs etc, but have never had the reason, time or experience to rip an engine apart… dumb question though – why is the torque so important? why can't you just tighten the bolts up to 'tight'?

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