4 thoughts on “Part 4 Taking apart and rebuilding a small engine series

  1. Once again – I learn something every day. As a young boy, my father sat me down with a piece of paper and a pen. This activity would happen regularly, usually after I'd asked a question. A patient man, he would sit and draw and talk me through the ins and outs. One day we did engines. I think I'd asked him, "dad, how does a car actually … work ?"  .   Your video goes into even more detail about the specifics … but it reminds me in a kind way of those special moments with him.

    Moving away from the sentimental aspect – Thanks for putting this up. I really found this quite useful. I have a lawn mower with a brigs & stratton & we have a challenging property with uneven rough ground, so it's seen some pretty heavy abuse.  Recently I've found that after a sudden stop, it's getting quite hard to start again. It feels 'tight' when I pull the starter. Not so tight that I can't pull it, but tight enough to stop it starting properly as there is friction. I find if I tilt the mower to expose the underside and then turn the blades by hand a couple of times (slowly) and then give it a prime of gas it seems to start again when I pull the chord. Do you have any idea what might be causing this at all ?

  2. In school I noticed that some teachers make interesting anything they teach regardless of my previous interest in the subject. Kinda like your videos. Your tone reminds me of when I was a kid listening to Mr Rogers. Thanks!

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