26 thoughts on “Piston Ring Orientation & Installation Tips

  1. What about the gap on each ring? Do you alternate their position on the piston from ring to ring so that the gap doesn't line up vertically?

  2. very good point to bring up, i should have mentioned that in the video!!! I always forget something haha yes you will alternate them 120 degrees from each other, (approx), this prevents oil from seeping through the gaps, and gases from the cylinder. I did mention it in the 4 part rebuild video i did about 2-3 years ago, i don't know why i didn't think about on this haha oh well haha thanks for watching!!!

  3. thanks for video. is there anything that we have to be carefull while seating piston to piston bed (i mean where piston moves up and down)
    thanks a bunch 🙂

  4. your welcome! the cylinder is what your talking about, the surface is known as the cylinder wall. Just be sure to use STP motor oil treatment all over the piston and rings, it makes it easier and keeps from scoring anything. and make sure the ring gaps do not line up, put them 120 degrees from each other. thanks for watching!!!

  5. I have watched your 4 part overhaul and you don't mention what the ring gaps are.
    All I can find is the rejection sizes. what are the end gaps for 286707? Thanks

  6. my ruin is i have that type on my car 3:18, they almost go glued to the groove causing an excessive oil consumption and smoke under load, how do you suggest de-carbonizing piston rings without tearing off the engine? great video btw !

  7. You could try something like seafoam or marvel mystery oil, that usually helps with top end carbon build up, and oils the rings good, might help may not, can't really say. If not it will probably need re-ringed. Its worth a try though. Appreciate it, and thanks for watching!

  8. My compression rings are exactly the same and there is no paper to come with it, how do I go about this? It is a briggs 6hp quantum engine off a mower

  9. Can u help me out wit the specs for 82.mm ctr high comp pistons ring gaps?i can't find it no wer i got 0.20 & 0.18 but it looks tight to me i might be wrong but i believe is tight is fir a 4cyl integra

  10. Got OEM honda ring set. The top ring was black on one side and shiny on the other side. no markings to tell mewhich side up. i installef it with blavk side to top side. is this correct?

  11. Phil Missen I have noticed that you say, 286707 , Just a note here ,– and that is :: Model =28B707 , ( It is on my engine anyway) You have to have a good look at the numbers and letters , they are quite small , so sometimes you may mistake the B & 8's, just a point when giving your numbers over the phone . only trying to help .. I know , I have done this also…

  12. Could you please give me a Price for boring a engine block to 0.020" over , as I have had a quote here, from an Engineer that the price to do this in Australia is $ 90.oo for this work . How much in the U.S.A. ( Dollar wise )

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