Pitman & Idler Arm Replacement CHEVY Express Savana Silverado Sierra 1500 2500 3500 & torque specs

How to replace pitman arm and idler arm on a Chevy Express 2500. Get a new idler/pitman arm kit here: https://amzn.to/2mtQeKq

Idler arm replacement is not bad, but pitman arm replacement is a pain in the a$$. Air tools make it a lot easier to replace the pitman and idler arm on larger vehicles, even if you have a small compressor, that will work. The Chevy Express pitman and idler arm torque specs are in the video.

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7 thoughts on “Pitman & Idler Arm Replacement CHEVY Express Savana Silverado Sierra 1500 2500 3500 & torque specs

  1. Nicely done ! I didn't know Chevy had steering boxes in their vans/trucks , I assumed that it would be all rack and pinion.

  2. Great video! did you ever find the torque specs for large nut connecting the idler arm and bracket that you weren't sure about?

  3. You must be down sout'. No rust… I rely on the oxygen/acetylene torch to get anything rust-welded to separate. Good IR gun too.

  4. Great Job!  I'm getting ready to do the Steering Gearbox on a 2500 Savana, were you able to remove all three bolts from the gearbox without removing the sway bar?  Also do you think there is enough room to remove the gearbox from underneath or do you think I'll have to remove the fan shroud and pull it out the top?  Thanks for any help you can provide just trying to minimize downtime and I can't afford a repair shop.

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