Pool Motor Replacing The Bearings

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In this video, I show you how to put bearings on a pool motor. It is a simple fix and you can get your motor running quiet for under $10.

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9 thoughts on “Pool Motor Replacing The Bearings

  1. Man…that was a HUGE difference, and what an inexpensive repair too. Thanks, Bob. Next time I run across a bad motor, I'll have to give this repair a shot…$5 – $10 bearings and 30 – 60 minutes of my time beats $100 +/- for a new motor, that's for sure.

  2. I have rebuilt my pump (also 2hp) several times and last time used the Nachi bearings you used. I've found them to perform much better than the Chinese bearings that are $1 each. Hope you used some grease or never-sieze on the body through bolts. They tend to freeze in place and I only have 3 functioning bolts due to broken off stub end (too small to drill out). good video!

  3. Thanks for your awesome videos! I bought a riding lawnmower for my dad a couple of years ago and found your videos. I was able to get it running again because of a carburetor repair video of yours and have been subscribed since then. Look forward to more tips and tricks from your knowledge.

  4. I have replaced a lot of bearings ( I was in the NAVY on submarines before becoming disabled causing me to lost use of my legs. But the taught me the property way to remove bearing from a 5hp motor to a 800kva motor. You heat up the bearing then slide it on . It puts a lot less stress on it.I use my wifes oven.

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