Portable Generator REPAIR & Maintenance, How-to

Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Engine Generator REPAIR. This is a basic how to on troubleshooting the carburetor on a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine. You may have a problem if bad gas sits in the carburetor a long time or you have dirt in the gas. Then you will need to take apart the carburetor and clean out the dirt. Portable generators, emergency (backup) generators are not run often so this is a fairly common problem if your generator is not running right.

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16 thoughts on “Portable Generator REPAIR & Maintenance, How-to

  1. Honda is very good. This particular B&S engine is actually 100% Japanese made and is their commercial duty series. Since it shares the B&S name with the cheap stuff, many people avoid them, but these particular ones are very good. The Vanguard series.

  2. There is really not much to tune on the carburetor. Just make sure the springs are in the right place so it runs at the correct rpm. From there I checked the voltage output with a meter and adjusted the idle until it was putting out 115 – 120 volts. That was basically all there was to it.

  3. Same engine on a PowerBack generator. But if I turn the fuel on at the tank all the way, it runs way to rich. So, I hafta just turn the valve open like 1 turn & she runs fine. Any idea?

  4. The next time you pull that little "jet" out, pull the emulsion tube out.  It comes up into the throttle body and you just push it down with a flat blade screwdriver and it falls out of the same hole.  It has tiny holes that can be cleaned too.

  5. syyenergy7 Hope this reaches you. I have the same motor on my generator. It was stalling out after few sec. replaced inline filter fuel line air filter oil spark plug. Not in that order but still stalled so took apart and cleaned carburetor. Didnt remove float and pin probably should have. Put it all back together tried to start got nothing. I cut off the run button and stood back a few min later heard fluid running noise and looked had fuel running out the bottom on air filter cover. cut off fuel opened cover and filter was saturated in fuel. Any suggestions? This video is the only one I can find on the vangaurd motor.

  6. Hi syyenergy7 very good vid.I have a very similar genny set but got no manual with it. I was under the impression these came with an AVR to regulate the voltage output. Can you clarify your comment about that lever/handle beside the choke? Does this generator not have an AVR and simply uses that "throttle" lever to adjust and set the voltage?

  7. have robin subaru engine have problem getting gas to carb took float off and my needle is attached to carb itself not to float seems like it spring loaded. my question is how do i get it off?

  8. Thanks syyenergy7! I have a generator I haven't used in a few years and I couldn't get it started. At 1AM as an ice storm is about to hit I found your video. My problem was that tiny gas intake was clogged. I manged to lose and find my needle valve under the deck during the ordeal too. What a night.. but running now!

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