PowerPro 22″ Lawn Mower 4.5HP Briggs & Stratton Quantum Engine – Final Look & Startup – Sept 6, 2013

Did change the oil, sharpen the blade, clean the air filter replaced the spark plug and gave it a good cleaning. Outside of the oil being very low did not find anything really wrong with it. This lawn mower for the age is in really good shape, he is going to pick this up and give it try!



13 thoughts on “PowerPro 22″ Lawn Mower 4.5HP Briggs & Stratton Quantum Engine – Final Look & Startup – Sept 6, 2013

  1. Thanks mountainbikekayak appreciate your subscription Eliminator Performance has done some awesome videos especially the seized Kubota repair must have been Chinese steel in that engine never saw one rust up so bad in such a short period of time.

  2. Mountainbikekayak checked out your video to see what blade engagement handle looks like and appears you or the other owner put a new one on since it is red? Just picked up the same mower on trade without handle and will likely fabricate one from our hoard of parts if we cannot find one that works. Check out our small engine tutorials on Eliminator Performance on YouTube.

  3. I was thinking along the lines of the lady just being older and just not having the energy for a second pull. Maybe for a future project just go and stick a re-harvested starter on there? I am adding one to a project I am doing now. You do awesome cleanup on these mowers

  4. hi i have one too but its has the big wheels on the back do u know where i can buy i bag as in a grass catcher any web site or store? i am in California  we lost the mulcher it is missing.

  5. Hello MBK, The code tells you it was manufactured on the 29th September 1997 (numbers in reverse-970929) the 58 represents the place it was built. 12H802 shows- 12ci, design series, crank orientation (V), Plain bearing, rewind starter. 1922-b1 is engine mechanical parts etc.

  6. Hi Cristian, I have not gotten a Tecumseh engine broken lawn mower since spring last year. It was an Ariens with a 6.5 Tecumseh that needed a Magneto I did not video it but what a great engine. I really don't like the most common ones I see broken the Sears with Eager One engines (Tecumseh) something about those particular the carburetors are a bit touchy. But yes if and when I find a broken one somewhere or on Craigslist I will do it!

  7. Hi Atptourfan yes I owe you just that! It seems the last couple I have completed I ended up washing them in the dark so I could get them back the next day. Just part of a value ad to my good friends a clean lawn mower is a happy lawn mower. I will for sure do that and thanks again.

  8. You are a master at "bathing" these mowers. Could you please include a segment on your mower cleaning techniques next time a mower gets the full service bath in your garage? Thank you!

  9. Hi Alan thanks for viewing! I concur with Dr. Alan Marshall here, gave the patient a prescription of 30 weight oil, raised those wheels and call if symptoms continues! With the recent 90+ degrees we had and he said she like to cut that grass really low, it being low on oil think it just overheated and lost compression. Waiting to hear back how the patience is doing.

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