33 thoughts on “Predator 670cc v twin

  1. Wow, just wow. And I thought putting a gx340 on a mini bike was a bit much. I have a go kart that will do wheelies with a gx390 18" wheels.

    And you want to put a 22 hp engine with sick amounts of torque on a MINI BIKE? I hope you have a will and your life insurance is up to date.

    Remember 1) killswitch by handlebars 2) upgraded brakes 3) then hook up the engine. 

  2. How far have You got on this "snow bike" of Yours? If You still have the shroud off the flywheel side could shoot Me a center to center measurement of 2 of the 3 bolts that hold the plastic fan to the flywheel? I'm working on a project of My own, not too much info on this engine out there yet. Thank You

  3. I bought a Predator 670 to re-power my Joyner 250 Sand Viper. It is still boxed in the garage. That project is going to have to wait until it warms up in PA. It's 7°F here this afternoon. I'm planning to acquire a TC3 torque converter once they hit the market.

  4. Your putting that on a fucking dirt bike are you insane????? Fucking thing is a wheelie machine dude. I'm tryin save up and put it on a go kart. Btw good luck with that. Make a vid of you doing evil caneivel shit.

  5. would this be able to go on a honda xl175 frame? have one laying around and not entirely sure if it would… but would be fun to try.

  6. These are built for hot long hour work with proper exhaust and carburation 35 hp my gw 250 will do solid 80 mph with 240 lbs on it using CVT and a jack shaft you could make it do anything from off-road to highway use and long as it doesn't have 4 wheels it could be registered in almost every state use a frame from 70-80 or earlier problem solved if you want to spend more Harley trans 4 speed 5,6

  7. So what dirt bike frame did you end up using? I am researching my build now and trying to find what steps I can skip without having to totally build from scratch. Did you use a torque converter, straight chain, or a transmission? Did you build a custom exhaust/header or were you able to use a 4 wheeler set up…..if you have any recommendations or lessons learned please hit me up. Thanks!!

  8. Not to rain on your parade, but where are you putting the transmission? CVT or  regular 5-6 speed transmission I don't see room for any transmission . I have a 2007 Harley road glide frame I want to sell CHEAP or trade for 2006 or older

  9. Go to junk yard, buy complete full size bike 750cc 1000cc , get Harley copy transmission ( they  hook right up to biggs ect v-twins . Electronics are built in the preditor engine . Tap off its electrical system … Ride bike . Not THAT easy but you get the idea

  10. I coulda woulda shoulda put the 670 on my buggy but was too anal about removing the tank under the rack. I opted for the 420cc. Nice project! I can't wait to see it finished. Check out my vids.

  11. That's going to be…well…shall we say, a time consuming project. Good luck on that. I know quite a bit about re-powering 80cc motocross bikes with 125 and 175cc mx engines having completed a couple of them. (And turned another down because I didn't want the headaches). It took me a lot longer than anticipated and was just a ton of work and those motors were purpose built. Not saying that behemoth can't be shoehorned in there and that Honda (XR?) frame should reasonably at least support the extra tonnage in a static state. Just stay away from potholes! I'll keep checkin' back since I've watched a number of your other projects and learned a few things!

  12. Stay tuned – I'm putting the 670cc Predator engine on a Big Vintage Hawk XL ((BICYCLE)) … Making it the biggest engine on a motorized bike ever.

  13. what trans did you plan on using? where to find an adapter? I'm a bit of a fabricator myself and have been tossing around the idea of building a potty racer lol

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