Predator 79cc governor removal **detailed

Predator 79cc Governor removal. How to remove the governor on a 79cc predator and how to Setup the throttle linkage

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39 thoughts on “Predator 79cc governor removal **detailed

  1. Not trying to be a keyboard warrior here but if that nut was to come lose on your governor delete bolt wouldnt you rather a nut ping-ponging around inside ya crankcase rather than a whole bolt? personally i would of used a lock nut and had it on the inside of crank case but thats just my 2 bobs worth. cool vids keep them coming man. ohh and fark i lost my shit at your comment in another vid "I like my oil how i like my women… the thicker the better..!!" Yezzz!! funny as

  2. Soooo, I did this, and I see no difference in speed or power for me. Actually, it seems to be alittle weaker for some reason. I have it on a 2004 Mosquito Hawk 4X GoPed. Then again, the cam fell out and I had to time it all again. But it's all correct.

  3. two things first i like how the motor is built , second you dont understand the true purpose of the govener its to protect the motor from over reving on rpms and keep it from over heating . i just hope it doesnt cause engine damage .

  4. That video was a big help in removing the governor how ever I noticed that you mentioned that there was no oil sensor but mine has one. Everything went back together fine but know I have no fire to the plug. any suggestions on this problem anyone?

  5. Why if I am having very bad idling like won't at all .. and I just took the governor arm loose I did not take the governor actually out I just took everything loose from the governor arm

  6. With that much sealer, you are bound to get 1/2 of it ''at least'',, in the engine, – past the mating surfaces,, ''not good''… ………… Less is better. You just need a small film. I was a Master mechanic for 40+ years. I74

  7. I have a question about the predator 79cc. I want to put a straight exhaust pipe instead of muffler and I want to install a high flow air filter. A friend of mine said that the stock carburetor won't work with that setup and that I need to get a performance car. Is that true?

  8. the gasket is thick, gasket maker is not. you have excessive side loading on the crank bearing, camshaft, etc. . expect premature failure.

  9. Does anyone know what the repercussions are for accidently removing the metal pin/piece the sits in between the governor sprocket? I know that the sprocket and the plastic/meal clips need removed but that leaves the metal pin that sit between the sprocket… I got trigger happy and the entire assembly came loose, is there a way to fix this because now I have a hole in the crank case and dont know if I ruined my engine or not…

  10. Please tell me I didn't see you hammering on it with a steel hammer. Gasket in a tube won't help a cracked cover. USE A PLASTIC DEAD BLOW HAMMER. Don't even try that with a brass hammer. That's thin aluminum you're banging on. Now for the $64,000 question. WHY did you go thru all this BS removing the governor when all you needed to do was just disconnect it? Tomorrows video will be changing your oil by disassembling the engine from the heads down to the oil pan.

  11. Ok so I have a similar motor, its a 78.5 CC GasBike Monster 80 motor. Just to check before I go for this, is the process generally the same across the motor styles? And good video, already have this bookmarked for when I get ready to do so on mine.

  12. One question. I’m building a Hard tail mini bike for the kids. I did install the 79cc HF engine. For riders under 100 pounds will it be sufficient ? They’ll be riding around the yard mainly flat ground on grass. I was going to do this removal but only if it’ll gain me some pull off the start . Not interested in top end for them .

  13. Excellent job making this video! Too many people just talk and talk and the video becomes too long. You did a great job editing, im going to take the governor out of my 79cc after watching this.

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