10 thoughts on “PREP – Engine Block (Vid 2 of 3) – How To 302 5.0 Budget Rebuild

  1. Ok first thanks for this video awesome as always. On to my question, so I am getting ready to drop in my crankshaft in my 1996 Lexus Ls400. I place all of the main bearing in set in the crank, nothing wrong. Place the thrust bearing in and now the crank won’t sit in. I measure it and its 2.44mm so it’s within spec. what do you think is wrong?  

  2. I am about to attempt a rebuild of my 302. I have watched a lot of videos already. Yours are the best in my opinion. Thanks a lot for them.!

  3. my engine is tore down almost completely. it still has the crankshaft, rods, pistons and camshaft installed. im replacing the camshaft with an aftermarket one, so im not worried about the stock one being messed up. would i be okay to pressure wash the block as it is, and then dry it with an air compressor and put a film of wd40 or engine oil on it?

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