Pressure Wash – Trailer Set Up – Chemical Injector Downstream Siphon Set up

Never run bleach through ANY pressure wash pump! I want to be sure everyone understands this… You’d be surprised the nasty messages I recieve from people that are confused. Want More Pressure Wash Videos? From Lawn Mowers Cutting Grass to Free How To Fix videos along with detailed Pressure Wash / House Wash Advice. I help you grow your #SideHustle Business. Click on “Show More” for awesome links to the products I use in my videos. Please LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE!
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36 thoughts on “Pressure Wash – Trailer Set Up – Chemical Injector Downstream Siphon Set up

  1. You did a perfect job explaining the process. How do you know how diluted the cleaning solution is going to get after it gets siphoned? Or is there even a way to know?

  2. So did your pump not come with a built in injector? I saw your other video about the factory injector on the cheap pump at the scrapyard and my Simpson pump is like that. I would assume most would be built that way to keep chemicals out of the pump. My manual says do not do it but I did anyway since it was…AFTER the pump­čśü

  3. In most videos I have watched of people pressure washing they are not carrying around a tank with their pressure washer. Therefore are they using a different method? I know that there are 3 methods of applying the detergent: 1. downstreaming 2). x-jetting and 3.) direct application. I know direct application is literally just applying it from a pump up sprayer.

  4. Hey dan do you have to be certified or have a special license to use bleach in your business? Or can you get away with using bleach without any issues?

  5. Great videos Dan! I just purchased a Simpson MSH-3125-S (3200psi, 2.5GPM) and I'm a little unsure if it has a downstream injection system. The only place I can find that even mentions it is on Lowes website and it says that it does. When I look at pics of the pump it sort of looks like the siphon tube is coming out of it so that makes me think that it isn't. Not experienced enough with pressure washers to be 100% sure if it is or isn't downstream. I downloaded the manual online and it does mention NOT to use bleach. Thanks for any help you can provide and keep up the great vids!

  6. I'm having problems with my down stream. when using the original hose it works fine. but when I add on an extra 50 or more feet of hoses it doesn't pull the soap. why is that? I have a 4200 psi Honda motor with a 4 gallon per minute pump

  7. Dan, I have a 2800 psi 2.3 GPM Ryobi pressure washer that i got from home depot. I have the water hose from the house going into the pressure washer, and i have the pressure washer gun and hose coming from the pressure washer. I have a siphon tube that is connected to the pump that is on the pressure washer, and have the siphon tube going into my bleach or chemical. Is this a right or good setup?

  8. My washer ain't got no tank, but the injector is downstream (after the pump) – I hang a gallon jug of solution from the washer's handle with a carabiner – works great

  9. Hey Dan just a quick question. I have a dewalt 3400 psi pressure washer with a down stream injector already connect to the washer. Will i be able to have bleach run through this or will it not work? Also, when using bleach as my solution will it be safe to clean all surfaces like vinyl siding, wood, concrete, ext? Thanks hope to hear from you soon!

  10. Thanks excellent stuff! You often say how you only need to use the black or pink tip to apply Chems on an entire home. What tip do you rinse with? Thanks

  11. You're awesome Dan. Thanks for the great videos. Starting my own little washing company. Your videos are the best on YouTube. Thanks for being honest and great work ethics.

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