25 thoughts on “Pressure Washer Unloader Valve

  1. HI
    I have a  Landa Mhp4-3500 hot water 3500 psi 3.5GPM.
    I put the gauge there and the pressure is around 1500psi basicaly i lost 2000psi.
    Do you think the pump is bad or the unloader??
    One more question….for the hot water the unloader is close to the pump or after the heat water container that release the hot water to the hose and water gun???

  2. He said the jam nut is to be turned clockwise to increase pressure and then said turn it counter clockwise to increase pressure.  ??? Which is it?

  3. Thanks mate! Only good video on the web that shows how to do this properly!  Nice work! Very much appreciated — from Western Australia!

  4. hi could you help please i am trying to start the washer by pulling the cord it keeps flying back in i changed the cord but this still did not help

  5. Pressure Washer Unloader Valve it stops when i let go the trigger
    but when i open the with the black nut it runs ok it down some on power
    will i do more damage if i keep using the washer

  6. My wand allows two setting of a high pressure and a lower pressure setting and also allows an orifice adjustment for spray patterns. It seems that when in the high pressure setting the machine works fine with plenty of water spray but when I go to the lower pressure setting on the wand the pressure is less than the garden hose feeding the machine. Is this a indication of a bad unloader? The engine runs fine at any pressure setting.

  7. Hello can you please help me? I really enjoyed your video, however I'm still confused on what's going on with mine. I have a 3700 psi 4gpm Honda gx390 that doesn't feel like it's reaching max pressure. I hooked a 5000psi guage exactly how you had it on your video, when I start mine up I see the needle on gauge rises between 3700-3900 then slowly decreases to 2500. Once it hits the 2500 it will then peak back to the 3700-3900 range. Once I squeeze trigger for the water to expel on the wand using a 0 degree nozzle I only show 3000psi on my guage. What do you think this could be and I did buy this used. Thank you so much thank

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