28 thoughts on “Pressure Washer Won’t Start

  1. Thank you Sir for taking the time out to put this together. This video helped me keep my money in my pocket by doing it myself so with that I thank you plenty !

  2. This just solved my problem on my powerstroke 2200 power washer, the machine was not getting gas and I pulled the float and needle valve to clean and it fired right up on 2nd pull.

  3. Love the video. Saved me alot of aggravation and money. The way you demonstrated reminded me of the guy on this old house video. Big thanks Man'e.

  4. Unfortunately,  I am a homeowner and not a small engine mechanic.  You might find specific help by searching google for an engine repair manual or service manual for your particular model if you are still having problems.  Steve Chou – I believe that the butterfly valve is used to provide a choke function and should not be loose.  Please check for a manual.  Most manufactures provide a free download.

  5. I have an excell pressure washer with a 6.5 hp clean power b&s motor on it, i changed the carb last year ran 3 times fine, put it away after draining the fuel and letting it sit with just some stabil in the carb and fuel line.. went to use it this year and nothing, changed the plug, cleaned the carb and bowl the best i could,changed the fuel line and filter and oil and plug again, gaped it to spec and used ether based cleaner that was recommended by my small engine dealer. it would turn over but not stay running with or w/o choke on and i noticed fuel coming out of the air filter and i took air filter off and pulled the ripe again and the fuel is getting to the carb but spilling out to the air filter not to the motor. the air filter housing doesnt have a primer on it could that be the issue and how could i solve this and go back to the ole school way coz i have heard nothing but bullshit about the clean power/easy start set up and it seems to a known issue with this model.please get back to me soon

  6. Thanks for the video.
    My Troy-Bilt pressure washer has a slightly different setup with cylindrical air filter and primer button attached to air intake, right outside of carburetor, no choke control just throttle.
    Cleaned the carburetor as you did, but still having starting problem. Is the butterfly door inside of carburetor supposed to be closed when throttle switch is set to fast? My throttle cable exhibits flop, and has no bearing on the butterfly door, whether fast, slow, or off.

  7. Thanks for the help Mr. Turner.  I was just about to take my TB Pressure Washer over to a small engine repair place.  Will try to duplicate what you did here.  Always good to save a little money.  I appreciate you taking the time to make this video.

  8. Thank you Mr. Turner for your excellent, excellent video on cleaning the carb on the Troy Built pressure washer. I'm not much of a mechanic, or DIY'er but because the video was thorough, and done in a simple, step-by-step sequence I felt even I could do it. After priming, my PW would start, run for 1-3 sec's. then stop. Since I was getting fuel to the primer I didn't think it was a blocked in-tank filter (not sure it has one). Other sites also suggested it was the carb. Anyway, was able to detach the fuel line from the  carb, drain the tank back into a fuel can. Your suggestion for using a stripped-down twist tie wire worked perfectly. A couple of the carb ports are really small, and that wire was about the only thing that would fit down into them and clean them out (and I think it was the tiniest port that had the blockage). Anyway, because I'm NOT a handy-man, it took me about 3 hrs to tear down, clean-out, and put the carb back together (this included going to the store, and going back and forth from my computer in the house out to the garage). Also changed out the spark plug, and tested the ignition. Anyway, it started on the 2nd pull, and kept running!!! Big, big toothy grin. You saved me at least $100 bucks  – which is what I would have had to pay to have someone to fix it.  Thanks again.

  9. Thank you John Turner-  I have this pressure washer for about 7 years, with very few hours.  I can't get it started, as of May-2014.  This video answered all my questions related to tearing down and cleaning.  Thanks!!!  

  10. Thank you for your comments.  It's nice to know that the video has helped some people.  Unfortunately, I did not have a tripod at the time.  I do have one now.
    Thank you again.

  11. thank you for your time explaining the cleaning process…  next time over the Winter I will drain ALL the gas out before I store it for the season    thanks again!

  12. This was very helpful.  I followed along – took the carb off, cleaned it and put it back together.  On the first pull our power washer was back in business after two seasons sitting clogged.  Added the fuel line filter too.   Thanks much!

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