PREVENT FLOODING -Needle Valve & Seat Replacement On Briggs Lawn Tractor Carburetor

Does your lawn tractor flood itself excessively? Watch this video for the repair solution.

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Watch how to replace this carburetor from your lawn tractor;

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23 thoughts on “PREVENT FLOODING -Needle Valve & Seat Replacement On Briggs Lawn Tractor Carburetor

  1. one thing I noticed that when the carb has a very slow flooding problem – I would check the Viton needle that sits on the needle, I noticed on the one I am working on- the Viton is not sitting flat on the needle – it is "canted" so the Viton is not square with the needle housing, – I am going to get a new needle and see if that cures the slow leak.

  2. I have a new engine on a brush mower that is running rich when I drive it up the ramp on my trailer. Also finding a little bit of gas in the crankcase. Could this be the problem? Engine has less than 5 hours on it and fresh gas.

  3. how could i get to the governor spring and gear,i'm loosing a bit of oil at the elbow where the
    governor lever goes into engine compartment and lawnmower honda gcv 160 (2008)
    is running at a higher rpm (at least it seems to me)I,suspect that the gear or spring is
    broken.Thank you guys for your great contribution to this channel

  4. A little confusion over here. Wouldnt the fuel in the crankcase be the result of a faulty solenoid? If it fails to stop fuel from going up the jet and in the carb making its way to the crankcase shouldnt the anti-backfire solenoid be the repair? In my mind if the fuel gets past the plunger in the solenoid in normal operation the fuel level in the bowl goes down,in turn the float in the bowl goes down and allows fuel to enter past the needle and seat. Sounds like the problem is the solenoid. Where did I go wrong here? Thanks Zombie Dave

  5. Dony you did a very good job on replacing the seat by tapping new threads and pulling it out. I have seen a job done differently and that was, by putting in a self tapping screw in the seat and pulling it out by just pulling on the screw and out it came. It saved a lot of time.

  6. Hi I have a single stage toro snow blower clone.should I make a new skid in the bottom or are there replacement for it ?says it's a 3-20"??

  7. I broke the "idiot proof" mixture screw off of a new Walbro carb for a 12hp Briggs (by not using the correct tool to adjust it). It broke just below the surface, so it is difficult to extract. Any suggestions to remove it? I wish they didn't make hardware that requires special tools to adjust.

  8. If you don't have a narrow open end wrench for the solenoid removal and don't want to grind down a good wrench, a wire stripper/coax tool works just fine I found. FYI

  9. I am wondering if I could do this on an old Eska 5hp outboard motor. Original carb had a vitron tipped needle and brass seat, cannot find a proper replacement, the carb kit I ordered had a solid needle and viton seal for the seat which doesn't work for my application. Interesting process, I should be able to find something comparable. As always, very informative and really like the improvised tools used. 🙂

  10. What about Troy Bilt and Toro self propel , self primer it's spits gas out of the carburetor when pulling the restart coil rope and both lawnmower is almost new won't starts won't even say nothing even if you spray carburetor spray into the carburetor it's getting fire i clean the carburetor jets and use compressor air and still nothing unless the intake valve is sticking, anyway nice video

  11. I just took the carb off my lawn mower and found that it would not start due to the needle froze in the seat. I have a Walbro 4993 LMT carb. I was taking that center jet out and the brass gave way and stripped out the screw driver slot. I know that I can get it out with an ease out. But I need to know will any jet work it is a 14.5 HP OHV you know the one like you 13.5 there. How do I order the right jet. carb seems ok just a good cleaning and that jet with a rebuild. Thank you Bill H

  12. I never trust them carburettors I always turn the in line fuel tap off when the engines not running, If they don't have a tap I install one.

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