16 thoughts on “Preventative Maintenance of the Briggs and Stratton Vanguard Engine P1 of 2

  1. What is the adjustment knob on the very bottom of the carburetor? It is a small black knob that can be adjusted with your fingers? It can be seen by looking straight in behind the small panel that the keyswitch mounts to.

  2. I have a b&s vanguard 16hp on a grasshopper 616 lawnmower and suspended a bad starter so I replaced it. The motor does the same thing, it clicks and the starter hums. I now suspect that the flywheel is lodged. What would you do at this point? Also how many bolts hold the fan cover on?

  3. I just love the vanguard v twins, they just run so smoothly and from about 18 hp and up they are pretty big powerful engines and sound something between a Harley and a jucatti

  4. I wok on alot of small engines at my job. Can't beat the hondas but i have mad respect for the vanguard V twins. I serviced a bunch of them today. They have their own oil filter to keep things clean in there and it is a very smooth engine.

  5. that twin cylinder vanguard engine is probably the best damn engine Briggs has ever come out with. And the sad part though is that it wasn't even designed by briggs, It was made by some japanees company. Still an unbelievably stable yet reliable twin cylinder engine. Their single cylinder engines now though are starting to look alot like the hondas since hondas patents have expired on them and pretty much everyone is going with that design.

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