Pt. 1 of 2 Carburetor K10-WB Warlboro Vittorazi Moster 185 Rebuild How-to

How to fix hard starting or won’t start 2-stroke engines by rebuilding the carburetor. I’ll teach you how to rebuild your carburetor. Remember ethanol gas can dissolve many plastic and rubber components found in small engine carburetor rebuild kits.

JIS Japanese Industrial Standard Screw driver set from video →
B-12 Chemtool spray used in the video →
K10-WB Carburetor Kit for under $20! I paid $35! →
Watch tools kit →
Torque seal paint (green) →

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49 thoughts on “Pt. 1 of 2 Carburetor K10-WB Warlboro Vittorazi Moster 185 Rebuild How-to

  1. Can I just say you guys (and gals) are the best! I love the crap out you all and really, really appreciate your support. I love hearing from you in the comments and learning from you guys. You motivate me to learn more and do better. Thank you!

  2. Is this rebuild kit any different from the Moster MO97 kit sold by glider shops? I worry that it could look very similar but be different.

  3. I have a carb question… I was hoping someone might be able to help me with this. I rebuilt my carb for my Moster 185 and now I have no mid range power, there is low power or very high power. Makes it impossible to foot drag or hold any altitude. Any suggestions?

  4. I noticed on the carburetor you working on the diaphragm was against the backing plate and the gasket was against the carburetor body shouldn't not be the other way around.?

  5. Look for a man on youtube who soaked hoses in different types of gasoline and showed swelling, hoses going soft and limp. It's the additives causing carb. problems not the ethanol. Seems they add stuff that's really bad for not metal parts because they can get away with it!!!!!!! Look up at the sky, what are planes also burning, trails that linger forever.

  6. Just bought my first paramotor – a Vittorazi Moster 185 – this is great as a walk through for a service before my first solo flight – I'd rather avoid any nasty surprises on the field!
    Thanks – liked and subbed

  7. Hi Brian, Thanks again for sharing your video, so much help! I'm doing my 25 hour maintenance on my 185 plus this week. According to the user manual I'm supposed to check and clean the carburetor. Do I need to remove the cover and diaphragm at this point or is that going to damage it? Any advice is very much appreciated!

  8. Hi Brian – I'm just finding the throttle spring on my Moster is a bit tight/stiff, and as I use the Cameleon throttle I like to loosen it a bit. Any advice on how to do this? Would I have to get a smaller spring from somewhere and pull it apart to replace? Any other ideas here….

  9. Thanks Brian! I think I have the same carb on my Moster 185 Plus and I will eventually have to do this someday. This will be very helpful when it comes time!

  10. Great Video. The JIS comment is a great add to the video. I have several, 21, different motorcycles I own and work on. I am a former MM and can now work on motorcycles for a hobby, the fun is back! I to use B-12 as a cleaning agent as well, It works great, I buy it by the case. You might add that the addition of Marvel Mystery oil and Stay-bil to the fuel will keep it from souring over the winter. I also add a bit of Star Tron enzyme additive that insures good fuel over time and with 21 bikes reducing needed carb cleans is a must. Thanks again,

  11. Great video, will be tearing apart my first carburetor, shorty on my mother in laws weed wacker. This video couldn't have come at a better time. As always thanks for the great, quality videos! And bonus points for being a fellow liberty lover, and Ron Paul supporter, Don't have to many like him in government.

  12. As a small engine repair guy,most of the repairs I do are gasoline related. Ethanol destroys the diphragm in small engines as well as the rubber tipped float needles and the little seat in most lawn mowers. I get a bunch of free mowers because of crappy fuel.

  13. "engine oil Additive that really work".look that up on "YOU TUBE".. And you tell me? What you think of that that oil additives.the best on the market.

  14. Brian thank you for the info on the JIS screw drivers. I am going to pickup a set. I have marred up a lot of screws on carburetors and such and always wondered why. Its always nice to have the right tool for the job.

  15. Ohio used to be known as the "Birthplace of Presidents" but that's kinda went by the wayside. However, much like the "Birthplace of Aviation" tangle with North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia dispute who is the "Mother of Presidents".

  16. While those "RP 2012" plates are extremely rare and limited they are not one of a kind. Ohio requires both front and back plates…so I still have the front plate.😀… plate looks great with the poster! Thanks for all the vids all these years.

  17. so how do those rednex in NC have "first in flight" on their plates? The only reason that happened is 'cause it was so rural and remote, the Wrights could maintain secret advancement there without anyone being smart enough to know what they were up to.

  18. Hi man, do you recommend an engine flush for an Audi A4 with 120 miles on it. It's a 1.6 engine Eu model and I've changed all the spark plugs and found out that 2 had oil deposits on them.
    Changed all four plugs since I got an engine check light, guess two of them weren't firing.
    Wanted to do a flush since my car is eating oil, like 1 quart between oil changes and I don't drive much like 3000-4000 km per year.
    Will it hurt to do a flush? I'm thinking to change oil and filter, get some cheap oil plus a new filter, do the flush and change the oil with a quality one.

  19. Brian, I am surprised you don't use a small parts cleaner bucket. Even an ultrasonic cleaner would do better. You do 10 times more work than I do, and I thought about those benefits.

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