Pull Rope Repair For Craftsman Lawn Mower (Briggs Engines)

This video shows how to repair the pull rope on briggs and stratton push mower engines, this one is specifically on a craftsman mower. It covers the intek engine line, but also gives an overview of the sprint/quattro and quantum models. I will answer any questions or comments, but expect some delay in my reply.
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32 thoughts on “Pull Rope Repair For Craftsman Lawn Mower (Briggs Engines)

  1. This worked great thanks. I used a 30w soldering iron with an 1/8' tip to make a nice clean notch. As I removed the spring unit the coil came undone but was able to get it rewound on a couple of tries. PITA but should work another 10 years now. and what the other guy said you don't need wd40 in there, it usually doesn't work well with plastic parts.

  2. From decades of doing mechanical work and using many different lubricants I never use WD-40 for anything other than absorbing water and only in very specialized situations. I refer to it as "WaDs up 40 times faster". Not only is it NOT a lubricant and was never designed to be but, in fact attracts dirt in the long run. Just my knowledge of what once was a gov. project called now called WD-40. Great video Alex.

  3. Alex, you saved my azz with this well done video! I had a problem getting that spring to line up with the catch but eventually managed to bend it just right. Honestly man you save me much money and time, great job, thanks.

  4. What size are those two bolts that hold the front of the air filter in place?  I think there may have been a total of four of them.  My mower has lost both of those front bolts and I need to get replacements from somewhere.  My mower is approximately 2000-2005 model 6.5 HP self-propelled push.

  5. Hey Alex, thank you! I was very close to drilling out the rivets and thinking I may have to buy a new lawnmower over a broken pull rope!

    Even if I had figured it out, I wouldn't have had your tips (bending back the metal tab, drilling a hole to allow the rope to feed) that made this job so painless.

    I owe you a beer!

  6. Dude, this was Great ! Saved me about $400 for a new mower. Upon taking it all apart I found that my spring was also broken. Ordered a new spring assm. but had a LOT of trouble getting it to engage on the tab on top of the motor, Had to re-form the spring, and at some point the spring flew out of the casing. Troublesome to put back in. Anyway, got it all back together, thanks to your video, Much Appreciated !!

  7. Just finished repairing  broken pull rope on our Craftsman 6.75 Briggs and Straten using Alex 7.0 HP video .The instructions were letter perfect all the way once we got past the different decorative cover. 

  8. Thank you man,  this was great help.   I just finished putting a new cord on my mower.     Your instructions were detailed every step of the way, and and the notch for the cord is genius.   My mower is a Craftsman and it was just as you described.     A big thumbs up !

  9. I was seriously on my way out back to pop all of the rivets off of the shroud cover when I stopped and thought "maybe I should on youtube". Thanks, you kept me from destroying my lawn mower while trying to replace the pull cord.

  10. Perfect vid boss…was able to watch your vid and quickly and easily change the rope starter on my B&S Craftsman engine.  Thanks!  

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