Push Mower Project Part 2 of 2 (Primer, Paint, Carburetor rebuild, test run / cut)

Part 2 of 2 of my push mower project, fixing up a Murray push mower. This video includes priming/painting, carburetor rebuild, spring/linkage connections, test run and test cut, along with a overview of the finished mower. thanks for watching!!!



27 thoughts on “Push Mower Project Part 2 of 2 (Primer, Paint, Carburetor rebuild, test run / cut)

  1. thanks! Most of the time i do to, thought i'd use my 1/4 for a change, i hope to have a video up after my next video on my ratchet "collection" not a whole lot but i have a couple thats pretty unique, thanks for watching!!!

  2. thanks! oh man, i bet that did hurt!!! I've set my hand down on top of a muffler on a honda style engine, not paying attention thinking i was setting it down on the air filter, nope haha thanks for watching!!!

  3. Nice job. I'm fixing up push mower with the same engine as yours. I'm half way with it right now, not too pleased with my paint job, but it will do just fine for a year or two. Just got to paint up the engine and put it all back together.

  4. Good job, but I would have used an AYP deck (weedeater, craftsman) instead of a murray. I don't like how you have to unbolt the wheels to change the cutting height and how the handle will wear into the deck itself instead of separate steel brackets.

  5. This is absolutely amazing work you've done here! Great job!! Are you also a guitar player? Cause I'm a guitar player that also works on mowers. I have some mower videos up.. and also a video of me playing "Devil Went Down To Georgia" on guitar.

  6. great video, Im doing the same to a 1970 Toro, and I learned a lot from you. Thanks for keeping your videos G rated, so I can share them with my family

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