PushMowerRepair.com – Briggs 3.5HP Recoiling a Starter Spring

This video Demonstrates how to Recoil the Starter spring in a Briggs and Stratton Lawn Mower it is similar across 3-6hp Models, Click Below For More Information

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24 thoughts on “PushMowerRepair.com – Briggs 3.5HP Recoiling a Starter Spring

  1. my coil isn't catching on to the piece inside the mower like it's supposed to. so the when i pull the cord it just keeps going

  2. I  have the same model lawnmower, however the spring is a different one.I took it all apart and rewound the spring and have just attempted to start the lawnmower BUT the pull cord will NOT retract into the housing.   Other then the spring, what might b the cause of it not retracting!

  3. Changed the pull cord, but I noticed there was no tension being created. I kept hearing a "clicking". I came across this video & wouldn't you know, my spring was broken on the inside. Bent the end like they show you in this video & that solved the trick! Thanks guys.

  4. Note that there are holes in the top that one can place nails into that hold the spring in place with a little tension while being installed. When the wheel is put into place, remove the nails. I wanted to add a little more tension on the spring before installing because I had a perfectly good cord, but it has a metal clip on it to limit its uptake due to attaching up at the push bar handle, so it needs a lot of slack. This is exactly the video I needed rather than the "replace the whole unit" video FWIW: My neighbor threw out his perfectly good mower because of this spring being broken at the very tip. It started on the first try after I fixed it. I would have just given it back to him, fixed, my first thought, but then I remembered he has been a dick to me, so it will go to charity.

  5. Excellent. Perfect.

    By following your procedure, I got it started and did not have to order a recoil starter assembly.

    Especially making sure to get the cord rewound, right along with anchoring opposite ends of the torsion spring.

    Needle-nose-plier bending back of the coil and making it catch the volute was the tricky part.

    The j-hook shape bend, I found, to be fairly tight to stay in place.

    And one has to organized and careful vortexing the coil layer-by-layer back in place.

    Too much harsh pulling on the starter rope loosens, straightens, and dislodges the coil from the volute.

    Better prior care to reduce pull iterations (warming the machine, empty the carb and keeping it clean, keeping the machine well-oiled and keeping moisture out) can help prevent this in the first place.

  6. Important to note that the spring has to be wound the opposite direction as the cord. It is not clear, especially if the spring pops off before you get a look at how it was installed. The spring will fit either way, but it can damage the spring if put on backwards, or "upside down".

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