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  1. Great video. Was not 100 percent sure it was the ignition coil until I watched your video. Tested ignition coil with multimeter while it was hot and it had too much resistance. Replaced and now my mower runs great again. Thanks!!!!

  2. I find myself today with same issue, questioning this part. This video is exactly what I needed to know. I can take it off and test it and not play games looking for a spark in the shade. Thanks! Also don't forget to use any business card when installing it back on the engine, that gap setting is important.

  3. I noticed the coil I was testing didn't respond until I touched the small ground wire that's usually tightened down with the mounting screw. This was the coil I thought was bad. Contacting the ground wire, I then had 2.70. I now also have an issue with the new coil that replaced the points system. So, I have to check that again for resistance. But what if the pickup part that creates the spark is bad? how do I know? These are all for B&S.

  4. Ok I have checked my ignition coil at my briggs 5hp engine and is has ~ '2.80' resistance . The problem is that there is no spark, so the ignition coil is 'good'. I think the cap is the cause of this problem. Thank you, your clip was very helpful!

  5. My lawnmower (Briggs & Stratton 625) starts fairly well cold. Might take 2-3 pulls. Runs fine until I have to shut it off if I have to clean out the side discharge etc. But often can't restart it. I've used an inline spark tester–shows good cold but VERY weak when it's hot after shutting it down. The puzzle is that it runs fine hot until I shut it off. I suppose heat could build up when the fan isn't running while I'm cleaning out the discharge chute ….? Is this likely to be ignition coil? and how can I test it when it's hot? THANK YOU!

  6. Just picked up a new magneto on eBay. The test between the spark plug lead and ground shows infinite resistance – which means it is bad, correct? The seller sent a second with the same result. Are both new magnetos bad, or could it be different design? Do you recommend installing this magneto and trying it, or is that a futile waste of time?

  7. So is the ignition module integral to the magneto coil? Used to be there was separate points or solid state module that you had to install. Not up to snuff on this. Thanks

  8. great video! I did the old spark test but like to have actual specs to double check. Do you happen to know the resistance range for honda push mower coils? Part Number 30500-Z8B-901. Mine test >9.0 so I'm assuming that too much resistance?

  9. Thank you.
    Just what i was looking for as i couldn't find much in the Service and repair manual regarding multimeter testing of the ignition coil.
    Also the video was good in that there was not a lot of crapping on and it got right in and showed what to do.
    Thumbs up!

  10. So Briggs and Stratton just sold me a brand new bad coil? I get no reading.  If I touch the negative probe to one of the smaller leads on the coil (not spark plug lead) I get a reading of 4 to 5 on both my old rusty coil and the brand new one.

  11. This is useful information and checking my B&S coil this way I have a resistance of 2.66K ohms. But I still get no spark. However, the resistance between the cut-off connector and ground is zero. This can't be right, can it? Any idea what this should read? Is my coil dead?

  12. Can a bad multimeter give you false readings? Checked brand new coil and checked bad. Used bad coil and read bad and mower ran.

  13. Mine read 4.89. Although this is within range, is it close enough that replacement would be advisable? I ordered the new parts before realizing I could try testing and cleaning them. After cleaning them and the magnet, the mower works again.

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