PushMowerRepair.com – Briggs Spark Plug Boot Replacement

Demonstrates the Repair of a Briggs and Stratton Spark plug boot, Click Below For More Infomation!

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9 thoughts on “PushMowerRepair.com – Briggs Spark Plug Boot Replacement

  1. The reason the connection was so flimsy is that it was improperly installed and crimped. When you stripped and exposed the wire which was exactly right, you were supposed to then bend the wire back. This was where you went wrong. When you crimp the connector you must crimp it over the bent back wire around the end of the rubber insulation. crimping it in this fashion would of used all the space that was left over as shown on your demonstration. Crimping the wire bent back around the end of the rubber insulation gives it greater holding strength. Although your method would work, it would merely need some typical wear and tear pulling or snagging before it would pull from that soft metal on metal crimp and will eventually disconnect. The proper crimp around the outer wire rubber insulation and the bent back inner conductor metal crimped around the rubber acts as a natural brake, which will hold up against average wear and tear pulling and snagging, with no extra crimping material left over, and the crimp will be very sturdy, not flimsy, in fact when done properly the metal crimping material will perfectly encompasses the wire. Hope this helps!

  2. Short, sweet and to the point! I need to replace a corroded boot that has been out in the elements for some years, no longer makes a connection with the spark plug.

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