Quick Diagnosis and Repair of a Knocking Lawn Tractor Engine

This video was filmed in June 2011. Visit my channel for more repair videos; http://www.youtube.com/user/donyboy73?feature=mhw5



30 thoughts on “Quick Diagnosis and Repair of a Knocking Lawn Tractor Engine

  1. DonnyBoy, you are the greatest. Engine mounts were the last thing I thought of, but you were right, that was my problem! I have a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and My Hat is Off to You!

  2. i have used my lawn mower for seven years now, and it began to knock like hell right by the third time using it this season. thinking "that´ll be no cheap fix but a little search on youtube wont hurt"… and found your video.
    long story short: that was a fix like a..b..c.. knocking gone and thanks a lot !

  3. i had a knock in mine. that came from a screw coming out of the butterfly in the carb.
    do you know how to remove the welch plug on the carb? engine is the same as that 12 hp one in the video.

  4. Donyboy: I just had to replace my camshaft, which led me to readjust my governor. I also adjusted the valve lash.
    I still have a knock that I can't figure out and when I engage the mower blade it dies on me. Do you have any ideas.
    Thank ram02ronald

  5. Hi Donyboy. I have a problem with a Briggs 18.8 v-twin. After about an hour running, it starts to stall out. The plate for the low ideal seems to slip back like the the engine is not at full,but it is. I have replaced both coils, adjusted the valves to spec. I changed the oil and plugs and all filters at the beginning of the season, about June. I have a gas cap with the built in gauge in it and have not replaced that yet. Any help will go a long way to prevent me from blowing it up.I would have emailed, but don't really know how.

  6. I had a knock in on my 12.5 hp briggs powered rider. It turned out to be just one loose bolt. Thanks for this post, you saved me a lot of money. God Bless.

  7. Briggs and Stratton small engines- the biggest pieces of shit on the planet. All of them succk donkey balls. Briggs band aided their crap for the past twenty years. Dinosaurs.

    A car engine can run for 200,000 miles or about 2666 hours at 2200 rpm@ 75 mph But these Briggs engines fail at 500 hours and at the ridiculously designed operational  rpm's of 3600[Can you say boner stupid engine designers?] Typically they throw a rod and destroy the whole engine case.
    The biggest consumer rip off in small engines in the world for 80 years is Briggs.
     Honda is the best followed by Yamaha and Subaru. Fuckk Briggs. Ever wonder why emergency first responders use Honda power? Reliability.

    What kind of stupid assholes decided an engine should run at peak torque output at 3600 rpm while operating a foot above dirt and sand? Especillay with crappy air filters and no oil filters on 30 degrees slopes? But ass stupid.

  8. never thought of that hopefully i go out tomorrow and this fixes my john Deere 108's knocking because everything is pretty much original on it right now, and i really dont want to have to run a muffler system to fit my intek15 i have. it just started over last summer, and i ran it all summer you would think if it was a rod knock it would have thrown it by now.  it runs 100% fine revs high fine. the knocking sound kind of varies depending on what terrain im on too. like if im on a hill and i let it idle you can barely hear it but if im level like in the garage its loud as all get out

  9. Yes, I have a 2001 313777 17HP that knocks terribly when those bolts loosen! It still knocks a little but much quieter than when the bolts are loose. Now it smokes a little when throttling up, backfires a loud bang, and smokes when engaging the mower deck. But it's 12 years old and has served me very well for these years.

  10. This happened to me on my push mower and it would knock when you started it up and run fine after that. It ended up being that the engine was loose.

  11. I have an engine very similar to this. it is having a problem with oil leaking from the valve rods. i posted a video. Please help!!!!

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