34 thoughts on “Quick fix of a Tecumseh 3.5 HP

  1. Don't you just love Easy Fixes…Especially when people throw them away and you get them for Free! ! You obviously knew what the problem was before even looking at it….No substitute for experience, well done.

  2. A big improvement is to replace the often problematic brass float with the modern style plastic float that's sold for these engines….no chance for corrosion.

  3. I have this mower except its gray, same engine. It was given to me, it had no head gasket no muffler, clogged carb. I took it apart rebuilt it i lapped the valves and honed the cylinder. new gaskets all around After all the repairs it runs great. I have two new mowers i bought a year ago. However i find my self using my tecumseh 3.5 most. You can mow six acres on a tank of gas. love this mower.

  4. Thanks Carnivore10. I needed a mower for up at our trailer, and found a similar one at the curb. After replacing the spark plug and air filter I confirmed that it had a spark and compression. Would not start. After following the instructions from your video it started after about 3 pulls. It does however leak, so I still have a little work ahead of me.

  5. i suped one of those up today…put a tecumseh 4.5 horse carb on it (its bigger) and drilled some more holes in the muffler to increase the flow. Its about 4-4.5 Hp now

  6. Thank-you, this video helped fix my faulty mower.
    I got a question though. Recently, while mowing my lawn, the spark plug wire came off, and the engine made a nasty loud explosion noise (misfire?). Nothing seems to be broken and the mower still start up fine. Should I take it to a repair shop or just continue to use it like normal? Do i need to change any parts?

  7. I have 3 of these mower, the 19" versions from the mid 80's, all running, orange decks. I need a wheel for it, do you have any ?


  8. I have messed up putting back together my linkage assembly could you show me on a video what it should look like please

  9. I have the exact same engine and, like SkiTuscany, the port didn't seem blocked but I followed your instructions and its back running perfectly. There was lots of dirt specks on the shaft and around the port and It was starting and dying after 30 seconds or so. Can't thank you enough since I know nothing. But NOW thanks to you I know SOMETHING! Many thanks.

  10. And it really, really works!! My neighbor gave me his old lawn mower. Would start and die. I figured it was something with the fuel system. Came to youtube and plugged the model – Murry 20 – and got your video. The bolt is a little bit recessed into the bowl and I used a cheap thin rachet wrench to get at it, with some trouble. Hole was very tiny, couldn't believe that would be the problem. But it started right up and I mowed our rocky lawn out here on the high desert in central Oregon.

  11. I have that exact same engine. Got it on a mower not working for 30 bucks. Cleaned the jet and it starts on one pull. Good vid

  12. carnivore10, you are the man!  I had taken the carb on a Tecumseh go-kart engine apart twice completely, soaked it in carb cleaner, still no go after 2-3 seconds of sputtering.  Was about to load it into the truck and pay somebody who knows how much . . . but after watching your video I removed just that bottom bolt one more time and poked down into it with a sewing needle. Now that kart is purring like a kitten.  Thanks for sharing!

  13. This video saved me from purchasing a new lawn mower! As a retired senior lady almost 70 years old on not only a fixed income but a limited one…this is a genuine blessing!! I watched the video twice then put the mower on a table in the garage and went to work!! How easy is was! A few weeks ago I had cleaned the carburetor and replaced the air filter and it started right up. The Friday it would start but not keep running…I am one happy camper!! Thank you carnivore10!!

  14. Unless you really have a bowl full of crud, there usually isn't any reason to even disturb the carburetor bowl by removing it. Try just removing the bottom bowl nut only and try cleaning the jet and reinstall.
    In a twisted sort of way, I really enjoy how these "how to" videos take money directly out of the hands of crooked, overpriced repair shops (not all repair shops are crooked, just expensive) and even equipment makers who just lost a sale because someone learned a simple repair and spent 5 minutes of their time to get their mower running again with zero money spent. Good video!

  15. You may remember me from 3 years ago. Today the old Tecumseh 3.5 finally kicked the bucket; cleaned the bowl/jet, drained & refueled with fresh fuel, changed the spark plug…nothing got it to turn more than a second after priming. It starts for a second than dies immediately after. It doesn't even bother without priming.

    Dad is planning to replace the mower for a modern 4 stroker & self-propelling function as his back isn't doing too hot. Before he makes the purchase, any ideas other than a full rebuild?

  16. good vid man!!! I just got an old tecumseh 3,5HP that looks just like the one in your video… it start on the first pull… but I am a bit confused about the oil? where should I check if it has enough oil?… or is it a 2 stroke engine?… if yes, what ratio fuel/oil should I use?… please help! thank you!

  17. I have done cleaned out the whole carburator and replaced the gas but that still didn't help. Spark plug is good the recoili is good idk what else to try. oh yea and when I go to prime it it doesn't fill the bulb at all but there's no cracks in the bulb.

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