38 thoughts on “Quick Tip #8 Do Not Use Starting Fluid In Small Engines

  1. I've used starting fluid to give a boost to old small engines my whole life; as has many people. But all you need is a half second PSSST and you're good! People who blow plugs out of cylinders either used half a can worth or need to use tools to tighten their plugs! 2-strokes do require lubrication through their fuel; yes, but once again, a quick half second without oil isn't going to smoke your rings and score the cylinder bore. Good advice in the vid but just know you're talking extremes here!

  2. true, but i recommend carburetor cleaner. haha yeah. i just wanted to get the point across haha here lately i've been using 2 stroke gas mix to start motors, even 4 cycle engines. thanks for watching!!!

  3. I use starter fluid on small engines very regularly. When I get a throw-away lawn mower first thing I do is check it has blade, then a 2 second squirt of starter and see if it fires. I recommend putting welding gloves on and wearing a jacket when testing an unknown mower. If it kicks back the pull cord handle can become a projectile aimed straight at your left hand.

  4. Heard that. yeah having the blade is very important haha I know exactly what your talking about! I do suggest to use carburetor cleaning though, just to be on the safe side. thanks for watching!

  5. for cleaning carbs I have a more oily like carb cleaner(Suzuki carb and combustion chamber cleaner). It would never start an engine. Can you recommend a brand of carb cleaner? I'm not familiar with the type that could be used for starting engines.
    Or perhaps I could just mix some 94 octane with some 2 stroke oil and put it in a spray bottle. Not sure if a dollar store bottle could handle having gas in it though? but might be a cheaper solution that would certainly be safe on any gas engine.

  6. never used that brand before. yeah, there is 2 brands i use, first (the cheapest haha) is the stuff walmart sales, SuperTech Brand Carburetor cleaner, its 2 bucks a can. the other one i use (costs more, but alot of times they are out of the supertech at walmart) is GumOut carburetor cleaner, its a bigger can and it costs like 4 bucks i think it is. both of those are great carb cleaners. Yeah that will work good too, thats what i've been using to start engines lately, 2 stroke mix, but with >>>

  7. with cheap 87 octane though haha 2 stroke mix is better for a engine, it lubricates the cylinder, alot of times when a motor has been sitting, the oil may have drained off the cylinder leaving it dry, real prone to scoring, especially with starting fluid. starter fluid will also cause valve damage too. not sure if the container would handle the gas or not, i've thought of doing that too, might want to get a old windex spray bottle and try that first.

  8. I'll check walmart. 2$ is a good price.
    I've read in many places about carb cleaner expanding rubbers on contact. I haven't experienced any drastic examples of that happening with the stuff I've been buying but maybe it's not the same stuff they are talking about. I'm going to test out the walmart stuff and the stuff I have on some rubber and see if it expands.

  9. yeah it is, i think its a 12oz can, they also have a "lubricant" that is similer to liquid wrench or wd40, 8oz for 2 bucks as well. its actually pretty good. yeah the 2 i was talking will destroy rubber parts! I accidentally got it on a bowl gasket one time and it became like a inch to long haha You just have to be careful with it, other than that, its great stuff.

  10. Also I've been wanting to get my hands on some Xylene. No one knows what it is anymore and I don't know if it's available in bulk or not but I've heard of it being used to dissolve caulking and tar, sticker gum, and pretty much any other crap, but is super carcinogenic and used to be used a lot back in the 80's. I just looked at a different bottle of carb cleaner at Laser Cutter's Choice(don't know if you heard of them, they deal small engine parts) It listed Xylene on the bottle

  11. Yea lol I think that happened to me too
    Spent like an hour boiling it in water and baking it in the oven.
    I did finally get it back to size though lol

  12. hahaha well thats good, seems like the gaskets that you don't have on hand are the ones that tear or something like happens to, and the ones you do have on hand come off the motor intact haha

  13. Yea I hate buying gaskets and avoid it if possible haha.
    I try to make my own from a sheet of gasket material.
    I was going to buy some crankcase gaskets for a small Honda bike I have, because I had it apart and found some broken parts inside that needed replacing. The gaskets cost more than the machined metal parts… wtf? I'll make my own haha

  14. are you doing small engine repairs full time?
    I'm just starting out, about 2 months now. full time(70 hours a week).
    Having a hard time making any money though!
    What do you do in the winter?

  15. i know what you mean, gaskets aren't cheap haha i got a piece of thick gasket material, that and permatex form-a-gasket #2 works great. No, i don't run a shop or work in a shop, all the stuff in the videos are either mine or my buddies that i work on, i'd love to open a shop up someday, there ain't as much demand for it as it used to be, espicially in rebuilding engines and more advanced repairs like that, cheaper to buy new mowers haha its a shame. i'm actually a electrician, i hope to >>>

  16. starting fluid is fine to use in small engines. for 2 strokes as well. when people use too much is when you have problems. diesels use something oil based to avoid pre-ignition. starting fluid in 2 strokes doesn't hurt it much because its not run on for too long of a time and the engine is cold anyway so friction isn't much of a worry. if you run it off straight starting fluid you will damage it of course. i've been in situations where i have had to run a small engine off of whiskey. no damage

  17. don't judge i was stranded, and the go-kart i built was very heavy. no fuel, walked home no gas to even siphon. found 5 crown whiskey that had to be atleast 30 years old. very potent. poured the entire bottle into the tank. it fired up on the first pull and the exhaust smelled like vanilla combustion and of my uncle's breath. yeah probably not great for the engine but, it got me home and then some.

  18. go trash picking for mowers and stuff. people are stupid when it comes to small engines. i got a perfect working pressure washer because the guy kept old fuel in it. i took a sewing needle through the jet of the carb and popped the sucker back together and it fired up . did my entire house and driveway.

  19. haha heard that, well thats all that matters, as long as you get it back, yeah i've saved a few mowers from the trash and several engines from going to the junk yard.

  20. Hello I am very worried that I ruined my go cart. I think I added to much starting fluid and heard a loud pop when starting it do you think my go cart is okay?

  21. Sounds to me like the people you're talking about sprayed so much in they hydrolocked their engines.  Not the fault of the starter fluid.  You didn't explain what makes carb cleaner a safer alternative?  Any fuel can be misused.

  22. First off thanks a million! All you vids are awesome and accurate well least to me the carb and governer vids really helped me out. Thanks!
    Second I was hoping you could do a video on an opposed twin briggs I just found one that looks to be in good shape and would like your general into on and about them. Thanks Again and I will keep watching!

  23. I am a small engine mechanic and I use starting fluid all the time on small engines. Never had a problem The people who blew out plugs or heads already had preexisting cracks or damage in their engines. The people who spray the whole can in there instead of a quick squirt are also the ones with problems. Used properly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using starting fluid in small engines. Even 2 cycles. There is already oil in the engine from last time is was running so it is pre-lubed. 2 cycle engines do not dry out every time you shut them off. If they did, the crank bearings would sieze up every time you used it.

  24. Most of those horror stories never happened. they are just urban myths….How many times have you had any of these things happen? I use starting fluid on small engines all the time. I have since I was a young lad, I am 70 now, never had a problem…..

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