RARE Briggs and Stratton Air Cooled OUTBOARD BOAT MOTOR REPAIR. Diagnose, Troubleshoot, FIX! HEAR IT

Jeff’s Little Engine Service takes a look at a VERY RARE Briggs and Stratton Air-cooled Outboard BOAT Motor. A Briggs and Stratton Engine powers an air cooled outboard boat engine. HOW TO REPAIR a Briggs and Stratton OUTBOARD MOTOR that will not START or RUN. 5 Horsepower engine. LISTEN TO IT RUN!!!
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15 thoughts on “RARE Briggs and Stratton Air Cooled OUTBOARD BOAT MOTOR REPAIR. Diagnose, Troubleshoot, FIX! HEAR IT

  1. Say what you will about it being piece of crap, but there is no other Marine outboard out there that can do what this one does. Runs through mud, air cooled, can be worked on by any weekend warrior. Case in point mine fell off the boat in 2014 after a sharp turn, it went to the bottom of the lake. I fished it out blew our the water with the air compressor, changed the fluids but could not get it started. It sat until 2 days ago, so 5 years of just sitting. I just changed the ignition coil for $12, removed the carb and cleaned it out. It started on 3rd pull. I don't know how to adjust the carb but I think what you showed me in the video will help.

  2. I was just given one of these motors out of frustration. Haven't picked it up yet but I'm sure I'm the next few days I'll be digging in to it and getting it going

  3. Mine idles fine sometimes starts up first pull but as soon as you throttle it it'll die and if you get lucky enough to get some rpm's up it'll backfire. Any thoughts?

  4. I bought one of these back in 2005 as a replacement for an ancient 2 stroke outboard of similar size that my grandfather had bought new ,,I hated the pollution that the exhaust going into the water created
    it's a great little engine for pushing my 15ft johnboat around the lake , instead of using my trolling motor ,,mine is even electric start

  5. I have one of these engines. Has run well for 10 years. Just now got the same problem.
    What is the name of that connector? Amazon? Thanks

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