28 thoughts on “Rebuild Briggs and Stratton Updraft Carb

  1. frigg man wish ya posted this about a week ago cause i started rebuilding the exact same carb and didnt realise you had to take the ventury out first and i took it apart and snaped the ventury. Nice vid thought! keep the vids coming!

  2. Found your video very helpful! Just one question? The unit I am trying to work on is a 3 screw.The carb kits comes with two styles of gaskets! one gasket has 3 holes sort of triangle positions the other has two holes at 3 & 9 o'clock which one should I use? Just learning this stuff and would appreciate your input. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  3. @Brookwoodbass ….. There are a few variations of this carb. The gaskets are universal. Just make sure that you don't block any holes in the in the metal and your good (should only be one hole)

  4. @OldBikesRule68 …Not enough fuel is getting through the main jet (bottom of carb) I would first try turning it out (CCW) a quarter turn at a time while testing. If it makes no difference when you turn it out then the main jet passage is clogged. Good Luck

  5. Thanks for the video.  Does this carb drip fuel from the choke "hole" on the bottom when the choke is on?  By choke "hole", look at 5:55 and the "middle" stub on the bottom of the carb is where it drips from.  On one forum, it says its normal for that style, what do you think?

  6. On the bottom of the carb, there is hole right in the middle, it has a brass colored something in it, looks to be a filter, What exactly is that for? mine leaks fuel from there every once in awhile.

  7. I've had that main jet stripped before! Your not entirely screwed. Take a torc bit small size and pound it in and slowly turn it out! Works good but you'll need a new needle! But hey a new needle is better than buying a new carb! Hardest part is taking the torc bit out of the needle after

  8. I have another question please! It'd be great if you could help me! Ok, I rebuilt my carb and now the bottom of the carb/ airfilter parts fills up with fuel any ideas? It won't start either thank you!

  9. I have a carb like the one in your video.  Already put the long screw on it.  When I start it it starts easy, but dies out fast.  Won't run without the choke.  Can you help?

  10. I have a similar carb on an older briggs 11 hp. it leaks a little bit of fuel from the screen area underneath the carb body. any suggestions on cause  and fixing?

  11. Wished I'd seen this video 2 days ago. I didn't know to take the venturi out! Hope I didn't bend it. Thanks for schooling me!

  12. my 1980 craftsmen snowblower has a similar carb but it is a winter version and I rebuilt it and my engine starts better but will only run for a couple of seconds then dies. what else might be wrong? should i change the float? i would love to hear your opinion on the subject sixtyfiveford. anyone else can also pitch in ideas of what might be wrong.

  13. the float was the problem. now it leaks gas out of the bottom of the carb near the welsh plug. i just shut the shutoff valve on the tank off. my snowblower works now but it is weak when it throws the packy snow

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