Rebuilding a lawn tractor transaxle [Part 1 of 2]

In these two videos Dave and Lynol rebuild a Tecumseh Peerless 5-speed manual transaxle model 930-054A out of a 1996 AYP built Weed Eater. This transaxle is very widely used on lawn tractors in 3, 4, 5, & 6 speed configurations dating back to the early 1980’s. You’ll find these on brands from Murray to Craftsman to Husqvarna, just to name a few. It is also very similar to some transaxles made by Foote and Spicer (Dana). These videos are a general overview on how to take them apart and a look at what’s inside. Don’t let these things intimidate you; there not that complicated. If you are good at tinkering and are mechanically minded, you can probably fix your transaxle too!
Here’s a link to a exploded diagram and parts list for this particular transaxle so you can see what exactly is inside:!retrieveModelDetails.action?modelNumber=930-054A&productCategoryId=1510000&brandId=0796&method:retrieveModelDetails=x



42 thoughts on “Rebuilding a lawn tractor transaxle [Part 1 of 2]

  1. does the transaxel work as a clutch also so i can just put a pulley on a verticle shaft and hook it up to a transaxle without any clutch or anything else.

  2. Thanks- I hve to repair a different type but this gives me the general knowledge I need to tackle the repair. Great video (thanks for the time lapse, shows the process without dragging it out)

  3. hey i have a quick question. Were building a lawnmower and we have it baiscly built but were trying to figure out where the balls on the shifting mechanism go. do they shift to where their sposed to be? or what please answer

  4. Hi their. I have a spicer 5 speed transaxle on my tractor. can you tell me if the fluid is replaceable or it's sealed for life. Thank you.

  5. Hey I was really hopeing you could help me, I just got a White Lt13 lawn tractor. It is a 7 speed perlis trany.There is a lever on the fender for gears 1-7. and on the floor beteen your legs there is a lever with 3 positions forward/neutral/reverse. SOOO I went up a big hill in 7th gear and when I got to the top the tractor would not move any more, so I shifted into the revers gear still in 7th and it went in revers fine but wont go forword.Now after shutting it down I cant get out of gear. help

  6. my John Deere RX63 says its a peerless transmission (stamped on the housing). I was wondering, what kind of transmission is it? I know for sure its not hydrostatic, but it only jerks hard when you put it in gear, but only if you don't let out the clutch slowly. But if you change gears while its moving it just gently speeds up, like there is no actual shift. Any ideas?

  7. Top of trans casing where the shifter rod goes thru, has little pins bearings, but ! that rod binds up there over time. That is all it takes to stop the engagement in gears. First try lubercating with some type of oil, WD-40. Work it easy see if thats lets it go. I took mine apart lookiing to find the problem. LOL simple bind where it never gets oiling. gl

  8. I have a Craftsman LT4000, 6-speed Peerless that works fine in all gears but will not "find" reverse. Selector moves from 1st straight into reverse with a positive 'click'. Do I have to replace the entire gear assembly? TIA for any advice.

  9. If the belt is too tight (meaning you might have a belt that is too short Sears is notorious for selling people the wrong belt size) and as a result when the clutch is supposed to be disengaged it is not so the gears still have pressure on them so they do not want to shift.

  10. some more good advise items, I haven't cracked a tranny for over 50 yrs ('46 Ford).I really like to see (other than an IPB), what I can expect inside, and out. Locked my 801-019 5 speed up last nite, trying to downshift, while testing recent brake adjustments. Good Video.

  11. Hi, i've got a old murray riding mower (1997 i believe) and the problem is that it won't move at all. It does not seem to go into any gears at all. what do you think could be the issue?

  12. What fluid do you put back into it? I have a Ranch King 42 inch tractor built by MTD. It's the 6 speed manual type transaxle. No hydro here…    And how do you change the fluid? This one's 10 years old and I want to change it.

  13. I have a 1997 Murray Riding Lawn Mower with a Dana transaxle Model 4450, I am trying to find an input shaft for it, but I understand these part is no longer available.  In the Dana Parts list it is listed as Key #10 Assy Kit Input shaft, part #4513.  I would appreciate it if anybody can help me locate this part.

  14. I need a video on how to set detent balls with out take the screwsn out cant get them out have done twiv e havin trouble on this one spicer 5speed

  15. Hi:Your
    video has inspired me to try to do a tranny check & partial rebuild
    on my LT1000's 6-spd, peerless tranny.  My tranny's the oil lube type,
    & takes 80W90 gear oil. My tranny has a top mounted (rubber/silicone?) oil fill/inspection plug, but sadly no bottom drain plug.  I
    can't see any easy way to even check or inspect the oil level without either removing the
    big clumsy stamped metal fender/footplate & tank*, or pulling the tranny out.
    get super easy access to it from above, I removed 2 bolts under the
    seat + the 2 nuts under the footplates and then just lifted off the
    fender/footplate deck.  I also removed the gas tank too, just 2 more
    bolts.  That gave me a wide open top view & access from above.To
    me, this will make the actual overall job easier.  It's a bit more
    work, but so nice to have such easy access from above as well as from
    below & possibly from the sides, even if it's not totally 'needed'.

    tranny's oil level is now super low.  After seeing how greasy &
    gooped up a freshly pulled tranny innards can be, I'd like some advice
    on maybe doing a pre-clean step.
    Since the oil level's already very low, there's room now to add some
    "temporary" "slightly thinner" grade oil into the thing and maybe run
    the tractor a bit on very light duty a bit to stir, mix, dissolve things
    inside up a bit, & so help prepare whats in there to come loose
    just a bit, for easier cleaning later on.
    seen some videos showing a royal mess inside the housing, & by
    running some thinner lube in it, I'm hoping to free up, & easy out
    that mess better.
    What do you think??DL

  16. 2.07 you are verifying shift speed ,, i lost all engagement after my deck bumped a small weed tree stump,, after changing a badly burnt drive belt, is there anything/steps i might have not done,, retightening 7/8 bolt arm to the F/N/R shifter ? i fell it move slightly in three positions but no (very little engagement) or must i open this and check what is wrong?

  17. Do ham fisted "mechanics" know about penetrating oil, wheel pullers and the strategic application of heat? Or do they instinctively reach for the biggest hammer that they can find? Maybe they are proud of the mushroomed end of shafts that they leave behind. How about separating the mating surfaces of a die cast housing by pounding on it with a steel screwdriver?

  18. Must admit I am impressed with you and your mates Lawnmower knowledge. Just got my gearbox out as it is slipping in all gears so your video has helped me greatly.
    Thanks lads.

  19. You know these boys are just working out the back yard doing what they got to to make them run. Not everybody can afford or have the gear,shafts and pulley pullers! As far as the information contained in this video and the up closer shots of what's there ( so the average Joe that can't afford those extremely high priced repairmen) can put it together and repair there's themselves with just a little common sense! Oh and as to where the ball and spring go this has been the only video I have found to even touch base on it! Good job boys excellent video!

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