1. At my job we got in a newer honda mower with blade clutch and all. ITs like $550 and the guy hit something real hard and bent the shaft bad. If for some reason he doesnt have it fixed then im gonna buy it from my boss and do this to it

  2. Big thumbs up
    I give most a 50% success rate but even if you can get the vibration down for safety reasons till buying a new mower

  3. Hey this guy is a good sport and took it in stride at the demise of this ancient relic. Personality and humility and good country boy with a sense of not giving up ( money doesn't grow on trees especially when communists are stealing the idea of how to grow a money tree in the first place ). I think a lot of people are calling this guy a " bone head ". He gave it a try , said he wouldn't recommend doing this with an expensive mower . Common sense " give it a try wack !

  4. First of all your daughter is precious. Secondly, I wish you and 99% of the people that make videos and publish them would learn how to use a tripod.

  5. Bin there, done that. Ran the cheap mower for years afterwards. Gave it away twenty years later. Still running. thanks for the video.

  6. Going to try this on mine, its a old one…. really bent bad…. if I cant get it fixed its going bye bye so no big deal if I break it worse

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