Refurbishing 3 LME carburetors.

( UPDATE 11-12-2018 ) We have a few of these New Old Stock LME carburetors. Very seldom do we get new ones. I rebuild a lot of these but some take more work than others to rebuild. What I mean by that is some require a full tear down with new throttle shaft replacement and emulsion tube. The LME can be very tempermental. You can put a new carburetor kit in them and they still will not work right. This is where the full tear down comes in. I charge 160 to 180 for a good working rebuilt LME carburetor. All my REBUILT carburetors that I sell will have a video right here on youtube of them in working driving under load Condition. We sell many of them on ebay. New LME carbs are 250. Aside from ebay you could save some money but only if you have a paypal account. Please only call the number below if you plan on purchasing one. I Own my own small engine business and work Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 7:00pm EST. For those only interested in purchasing any parts to call 989 866-6477.



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