Remove Lawn Tractor Wheel Without Damaging Cap

John Deere Wheel Cap:

Heat Gun:

Long Nose Pliers:

How to safely remove a John Deere L100 Series lawn and garden tractor wheel without tearing and damaging the rubber, plastic or vinyl center cover cap.

If the wheel is stuck on the shaft, try using this first.
B’laster – PB-TS – Penetrating Catalyst:



29 thoughts on “Remove Lawn Tractor Wheel Without Damaging Cap

  1. Thank you soooo much! NOBODY shows the trick to getting the cap off. I damaged one of mine and it's still not off! Thanks to you I am confident I can get it off tomorrow when I can see to do it, it got dark on me tonight!

  2. Not every wheel comes off that easy, only when its been removed before videoing and reinstalled. What about wheels that won't come off, that's what I thought this video was suppose to be about.

  3. Great Video Robert. You helped me a great deal. People like you make youtube well worthwhile. Thank you again.
    CR from Florida and Michigan

  4. I have not lube my JD LX218 since 2005, which I used it all year round for plowing snow and cutting grass. Today I am going to lube all them. Thanks for the video.

  5. I had read it was a good idea to remove the rear wheel and grease the shaft to prevent the wheel from rusting and sticking on the shaft. I wanted to do that but had never seen the procedure on how to remove it, now I know, thanks!

  6. I got the cap off and the clip, and the wheels will not move. They have been on 28 years (original tires) . I tried wd40 inside and out and they won't move!

  7. This should be a demo of how to make the perfect Youtube video! Great ! Thank you. I didn't even realize the cap was going to be a problem and had no idea how the wheel would come apart. Now it is all simple. Thanks very much!

  8. Gosh, you have NO IDEA how helpful your video was to me and for my husband… You show what needs to get done… Thank you! Thumbs up! God bless and thank you!

  9. Thank you so much for this!!!! I'm a single momma and it was a great resource to teach my son how to take the tire off to get it repaired. 🙂

  10. I have the cap off and the clip and washer removed, but the tire doesn't budge a bit.  Could there be something in the ridge preventing the wheel from dismounting?

  11. Great idea. I have a heat gun but it never occurred to me to use it on those caps. I've been cutting them off or yanking them with slip-joint pliers and ruining them.

  12. Thank you me and my grandma were trying for half an hour and she was going to keep trying but it was getting damaged so i ran inside and looked it up and this video helped soooooooo much it came off in less than a minute:)

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