Removing inlet needle seat and hose connector on a briggs carb

Has this ever happened to you ? / You deside your going to take out you lawnmower from winter storage. Only to try to start it and the engine grunts and wines but will not turn over to start. [Don’t feel bad its a problem I can help with ] You see whats happened is the old gas from the year past has went bad and done its damage on your carb needle and seat . Yes they can be a headace to repair but in the following video I will explain how to replace both the fuel inlet seat and hose connector . Also its not a bad idea to purchase a in line fuel shut off valve to give you peace of mind. But if your engine gets used regularly you should make it a rule of mind to [Check your oil level] each time you start your mower . I mention this because gas from your tank can find its way threw the carb[flooding ] the oil sump or crankcase. By checking the oil level you can determine if your engine oil smells like gas. If it should smell like gas then more than likely you have a flooded crankcase and that’s why your engine wont start. Simply drain you oil /gas mix and replace your oil filter if you have one .Also remove your spark plug and turn the engine over to expel any gas that could be trapped in your cylinder . ……..NOTE…..Remove your hood if you can the gas being pushed out of the cylinder can make a nasty mess.



2 thoughts on “Removing inlet needle seat and hose connector on a briggs carb

  1. Will the seat installation tool that you made fit the inlet seat on a Walbro LMK carburetor using Kohler rebuild kit 12 521 03. This Kohler kit seems to be the only way to get an inlet seat for these carburetors

  2. Cut a groove in the jet with a dremel cut off tool and use screwdriver.

    Drive the seat back in with a bolt with a nut screwed in it. Tap the seat down, with bolt in the seat and nut preventing the bolt from damaging seat.

    AND….the sleeve (bushing in your case) is the hardest part. People can't grind and cut metal in their garages. The bushing/sleeve is the whole trick, isn't it?

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