Watch how to complete a full tune up on your lawn mower to help it run perfectly. I show how to replace the blade, spark plug, clean the carburetor, replace the needle and seat, install a new carburetor gasket and do some other general fixing and cleaning. The lawnmower should start right up and run perfectly after this full tuneup. Check out my other videos on lawnmower repair!

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  1. I bought a craftsman 22inch lawnmower with the bag for 70$ it was new but the guy who bought it needed the carb cleaned but I cleaned that and changed the oil and filter and runs perfect I got lucky with that deal

  2. thanks for the guide, lawn mower would start and only run for a few seconds before it died. Working great now after I replaced the air filter, spark plug, and cleaned the carburetor. All for less than $10

  3. Was nearly about to spend £400 on a new mower as mine won't start. I am going to give this a go. Brilliant informative and huge money saving video.

  4. Although what he is trying to do here is helpful, he does a lot of things that could lead to issues. DO NOT CHANGE THE BLADE without first disconnecting the spark plug. Use a torque wrench to reattach using manufacturer specifications. Blade coming off would not be fun. Using a paper clip to clean out carb could lead to scratching surfaces, which is bad. Use a pipe cleaner. Whatever you do, do NOT use carb cleaner with bare hands. It's literally injecting bad chemicals directly into your skin. Very bad chemicals. Use gloves. Which is weird as he used gloves at the beginning. Using a screw to remove the gasket is fine, do not use one to re-install. The tiniest cut in the gasket will cause fuel metering issues. Changing spark plug is good, not checking the gap is bad. Check and set the gap to the engine specifications. An oil change would be a nice thing. Also, if you are ordering a bunch of parts like a blade, plug, carb rebuild kit, might as well order an air filter too.

  5. Thank you. Where did you buy the needle from? Can you advise how to find right carburetor if I want to replace? I have the same one that you are using.

  6. Thank you so much!! I am 9 months pregnant and have been having financial difficulties. This is a new mower that just ran out of warranty. I thought for sure I needed yet another one. It's only 3 months old. Thanks to your video I got it running!!!

  7. Hey TRD. I have a question for you. I bought a rebuild kit for the carburetor and followed the steps you did and replaced the necessary parts and gaskets but I still can't get my mower to start. I did an oil change, replaced the spark plug as well and no start. It started before once when I first replaced the air filter but died right away so that's when I bought the rebuild kit. It started again once I did the rebuild, but then it started leaking fuel. I noticed that the fuel was leaking into the air filter so I had read that it could be something wrong with the needle and gasket. Reseated the gasket again and now it doesn't start at all. Any ideas on what could be the problem? Thank you!

  8. I just bought a brand new after market carb on E-Bay for 12 bucks free shipping. Runs great. Bought air filters really cheap too.

  9. Excellently made video. I had no idea where my carburetor was on my mower until I watched this…. watched this video once and then took mine apart with confidence, cleaned it, put it together and it started right up. Thanks again.

  10. Where do I purchase/order the needle and other replacement parts for the carburetor? It's an older model. I've had this lawn mower for approx. 15 years.  I've never done this before. I just replaced the spark plug and air filter, and changed the oil, but the mower still isn't starting, so I will try to clean the carburetor next.  I'm looking forward to trying to repair this. I'm not mechanically savvy, but this tutorial makes it looks possible.  I've got nothing to lose, but a few $$ for parts, but can gain valuable experience. If it doesn't work, it will be time to purchase a new mower.

  11. Great video! How do I speed up the idle? My mower, runs well, but when the grass is a little too high, it stalls because the idle is not fast enough. Thank you in advance.

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