41 thoughts on “Repair of Stihl MS250 Chainsaw PARTIAL ENGINE REBUILD – Part 1 of 4

  1. Hi Don! I am amazed by the video's that you do: a world opens itself up 🙂
    I have an MS250 and the following issue: it runs like a charm, can accelerate and decelerate, compression is fine, carburettor is verified, air filter perfect, compression excellent… Everything great: it runs for 15 minutes without a hitch… as long as I don't pick it up: the second I lift it off the ground, it dies… The local Stihl workshop has no idea and I am at a loss; anything you can advise me? Thanks! Harald

  2. Merci Don!

    I have a retired French friend looking at the machine right now. He used to have a shop much like yours for many years; he was flabbergasted as well 🙂
    Easy enough to translate your reply into French! I will keep you posted!
    Thanks again!


  3. Le pluspart des mecs ici ne parlent pas du Français 🙂 So, to continue in English: I commend you Don! You are a marvel and with your advice my MS250 got back to life. We replaced the impulse line, the fuel hose, the seal to the carburettor and the rubber connection between carburettor and cylinder. The rubber stuff just to be sure. We had to go back to your video once to verify how to put back one item and job done!
    Excellent! Thank you very very much! Je te remercie vivement!

  4. hi don, my name is daniel and i just replaced the piston on an ms250. your videos were a big help and i'd like to thank you. i'm still having trouble though becuase i did get the machine to fire, but it only ran for a few seconds. it did this twice and then i couldnt get it to fire again. do you have any suggestions? any advice would be greatly apreciated.

  5. i finally got the the ms250 to work. its fully assemebled, but when i give it gass the chain wont budge and it just turns off. Im repairing this chainsaw for a church and im just doing it as a hobby. i dont have that much expirience. what have i done wrong ? can you tell me how to fix it. sorry to bother you again but i apreciate your advice.

  6. hey don i finaly got the ms250 working although i dont want to admit it i put the piston in backwards. i want to thank you for posting these videos they were my guide to success and i love working with any type of motors but these are particularly fun becuase the dont weigh a ton. i'm an automotive machinist and i have quite a bit to learn, but thanks to mentours like you i should have no problem. thanks again and keep up the good work.

  7. I have a MS180 that needs a new piston (cracked/melted) – how do you remove the piston from the shaft? Is it just a matter of clips on the piston and remove the center pin? Your videos are outstanding!

  8. Hello Donyboy73, the chain on my MS230C comes loose every time I apply the chain brake. It's one of the newer saws with the quick tensioning system. (no nuts or tensioning screw) The tensioning gear is stiff and won't turn properly. I think it must be the tensioning gear which is causing this. Your videos are very informative. Greetings from Suffolk in England.

  9. Why do other people split the case to remove/replace crankshaft bearings or the crankshaft itself?Please answer back

  10. any idea what happens if you don't add the sealant between the engine pan and cylinder? Could that be why it shuts off every time I give it gas? Thanks for your videos

  11. its not a good idea to use silicone on a 2 stroke since the case has raw gas in it it will eat at it… take a glob of dry silicon and soak it in gas and it will turn to gel in minutes

  12. Apparently it doesn't effect the working of the saw, But I would have washed the case off good so as not to get any contaminants inside the saw, or at least blow the case to get the worst off.

  13. Hi i have a mcculloch mac 120 chainsaw and i want to ask you if i can replace the ignition coil from a new model chainsaw to remove the contact points.Thanks

  14. your videos are high quality, some videos on youtube are very poor quality, and are
    shaky, and bouncing all over the place, and your zoom in techniques are very good…

  15. doing all that work and you didnt have time to clean up the casing ? its covered in shit and probably go into the cylinder while putting it all back together

  16. Great video. Thank you!
    one comment, how did you get the piston in while holding the rings? your video paused in the middle of the process. I can not get them inside the cylinder. I broke one ring and now I got 2 brand new rings but I just can't figure out how. I put lots of motor oil and I even tried to hold the rings with a zip tie… still no luck. HEEEELP!!!!!

  17. how do you not clean everything before you start, and why put that jacked up piston back in , looks like you know what your doing mechanically , I don't even like to put gas and oil in with out brushing it up

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