19 thoughts on “Repair of Stihl MS250 Chainsaw PARTIAL ENGINE REBUILD – Part 3 of 4

  1. donyboy.I couldn`t start my saw, went to check the spark plug,and noticed a loose wire.2.21 on your video tells me this works as part of the switch and showed me where this should go.Followed your instructions,now the chainsaw works fine.You`ve probably saved me a lot of trouble and money.Many thanks for such a informative video.

  2. just bought a used ms250 and i opened it to check the air filter, i saw a tube with a small looking plastic filter… i just saw it on your video when you mentioned "adjusting screw boot cover" looks like its attached to that rubber boot…MY saw does not have that boot, so the filter is sitting in the housing, is this ok or does it need that boot cover to hold it???

  3. your videos have pretty well touched on every part of the chainsaw, thanks for sharing your knowledge in a very learnable way…

  4. thanks donny, this video in particular helped me rebuild an ms 250 for my brothers company, its 1:00 in the morning and i spent hours scratching my head trying to figure out the switch configuration and in seconds you solved it by saying the metal spring goes on-top of the plastic… you are a legend amongst men!!

  5. Thanks for the video. I took the carburetor on my MS250 apart 6 months ago, since the saw was running really bad last year. I only put everything back together yesterday, after buying a new carb repair kit on Ebay. After so long, I wasn't 100% sure how everything went back together but your video helped a lot. I put new gas in it, cranked it a couple of times, and it worked right away, with as much power as the day I bought it. Just had to adjust the idle a little. Works great now.

  6. Great, thanks to your vid I found out how the kill switch arrangement should be like. Now my saw can be shut down without letting it run out of gas, lol. Thanks !

  7. hi i have saw 25 inch shil when i spray crburator cleaner is never work at all what shall i do before what good then when i turn its stop bye self then i pust carburator clean is never running thanks for youif you could help me for problem

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