Repairing Lawnmowers For Profit Part 61 (Governor Spring Help)
In this video I show you where the governor springs should be on a Briggs and Stratton Classic engine. Find more Information on governor springs at this page on the website. Start your own small home based business just using this and other easy to follow videos on the website!



46 thoughts on “Repairing Lawnmowers For Profit Part 61 (Governor Spring Help)

  1. My 3.5 Briggs does not surge or blow smoke; however if I open the throttle to running speed it usually will stall; quite often it will not maintain idle speed. I can jam the throttle to overspeed and it will run steadily there presumably until it blows up. This model has a throttle cable, and a linkage from the diaphragm to the choke control. I replaced the diaphragm and the problem is unchanged. Can you help?

  2. 0:42 – what is moving those springs ? and what should i do when this piece of shittt isnt starting anymore ? only the gaskets fault or something else? it does have a spark, but when i pull the string, it just wont start…
    and the handlebar lever just moves somekind of magnet on the flywheel, not those little springs ?

  3. Thanks for posting this – I just did a service but got a bit lost trying to put the springs back (should have taken a photo) so this sorted me right out & it's running nicely again.

    Surprised about the diaphragm and gasket being "a couple of pounds" where you are – my local lawn shop charged me $26 NZD!  Rip off!  The HT lead had worn from rubbing on the top cover too, so I had to replace the whole coil – $70!  By the time I'd bought a new plug, blade, and litre of oil I was over a third of the way to the price of a new mower!  No wonder these things have become so disposable.

  4. Hi bud very informative. I think I have that mower but the plastic engine cover is missing. It's says its self propeled but it doesn't seem to even have any gearing underneath? It does not have a throttle tho I can rev it by fiddling with the govenor is that normal? It was a freebie so not overly fussed for it. My passion is for classic atco cylinder mowers but they are a bugger to work on. I was quoted £150 to sharpen a 8 blade Cylinder that's the dealer striping it down and rebuilding it, only cost me £120 off fleabay! To buy. So my question is what Briggs engine does this mower have, link to manual? Cheers

  5. Great video!  Thanks for posting.  It helped me a lot!  I am fixing up our old lawnmower to give to Our God Daughter and Her Husband.  They just bought a house and need a mower.

  6. Good stuff Mower Man… I'm having some trouble with a Briggs and Statton like this, I have a small grade that I have to drop down and the pull up, when I do the mower starts to sputter and wants to shut off and it then fouls the plug real black. On the level it does great. Any ideas ? Thanks

  7. Thanks for the video help. I work with kids at a Jr. High school in a small engine repair class and they took the springs all off and couldn't remember how to put them back on. Looking forward to directing them to more of your videos. Thanks.

  8. Great video, thank you, I have a Makita PLM4601, the set up looks the same, but the one I got given has no springs at all, I have had it running but had no idea where or how the springs went, this video has given me the answer so thank you, just need to find the springs now

  9. Quick Question: what is the bracket that the throttle connects to? This is the bracket that goes underneath the top cover and has a hole for the small wire that the governor springs connect to? any help is greatly appreciated.

  10. Thank you for the heads up! I noticed my carb gaskets were wearing. I almost tightened the gov springs but now you convinced me that that probably isn't the right fix. This might have saved me a lot of trouble. Cheers!

  11. Hi, I have same lawnmower engine, but problem am facing is engine starts and then stops after around 30-40 secs, i have already changed spark plug, cleaned the carb, but this problem is still there, not sure whats wrong, can you suggest or help , any idea ?

  12. I got the same mower replaced diaphragm springs are all aligns cleaned the carb… won't start… started for a second then died. now nothing. tried starter fluid.

  13. Hey man I changed the diaphragm and gasket and engine still revs up and down I did bang up the governor springs pretty good but I think there's something else going on too because while it's running and I open the carb fully it should make the motor run very fast but it doesn't it just keeps running unstable, please help me , thank you

  14. Do i only need gov spring for my briggs? all my stuff got lost nun is on it no springs so i only need gov linkage for it because my mower dont have no springs because they got lost and the mower is loud as hell and briggs are really long lasting engines sso please help idc about the choke right now

  15. +Mower Man Hi there! I have a Laser Mountfield petrol lawn mower and its revving it's tits off and I'm wondering if you'd know how to fix it?

  16. I've overhauled the carb with gasket and diaphragm as well as primer dome. Replaced the ONE governor spring as per parts number; my B&S Classic 35 doesn't have the facility to accommodate the smaller of the two springs. Engine fired up OK and defaulted to a slow evenly rhythmic tick-over. Couldn't speed it up via the Stop / Start lever. Took off air cover and shortened the long governor spring. All seems OK now; having faster speed and also slow to stop speed.

  17. Thanks for the video. Extremely helpful as my B & S motor was revving like it wanted to go into orbit. Turns out that one of the springs had stretched after I pushed the mower under a bush when mowing.

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