Replace piston rings in a kawasaki commercial mower part 2 of 2

Replace piston rings in a kawasaki commercial mower part 2 of 2



12 thoughts on “Replace piston rings in a kawasaki commercial mower part 2 of 2

  1. hello , really good video , i have a question , i have an exmark 36 inch with a kawasaki 460m14 12.5hp, and i have trouble to start the motor everytime i want to used it , i have to exercised a least from 15 to 30 pulls before starts, specially on cold weather i have to put it at the sunlight like a frozen pork chop before grilling because otherwise the damm thing wont start, funny right but i am serious , i was told that i need to work on the valves but i would like to know your oppinion

  2. I do auto mecanic but i am not a mecanic, engines swaps trannys replaced, 3 car engine rebuilt but never a little engine like this , how hard is to do the valves and the seats(thats what i was told .
    thank X

  3. dave is it possible for you to show us the engine running with out the side/sump cover on? I know the cam and crank shaft would have alot of play in it and the cam probably would jump off the teeth but I think it would be cool if you weld up some sort of redneck brackets. Maybe a scrap engine would do?

  4. good luck with your engine as cleaniness is 50% of engine life
    on mowers, grass accumulation on cooling fins  is an important cause of overheating and cylinder deformations leading to oil burning

  5. I've got J.D. commercial walk behind with a severe oil leak around the base where the motor mounts to the deck. The shaft isn't leaking so I'm thinking that the leak can be handled just replacing the gasket, but my exhaust has broken off just a couple of inches from the head. I wonder how hard this could be to repair?

  6. Excellent. You just used standard rings and not oversized rings after honing the cylinder? I have a Kawasaki FH451V that broke a rod after 17 years of use. The cylinders don't look bad and the compression was good before this happened. It suddenly started blowing white smoke/burning oil and then broke the rod. I stopped it immediately when I heard it happen. Do you think I should just replace the rings with standard rings and hone the cylinders a little like you did? What about new pistons and rings? I will have to replace the one broken rod of course. Thanks …I subbed.

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