Replacing a Starter Solenoid on a Riding Lawn Mower

This video shows how to replace the starter solenoid on a riding lawn mower or lawn tractor. When you turn the ignition key to the start position, the starter solenoid sends current to the starter. If you don’t hear the internal solenoid contact click when you turn the key, replace the solenoid because it’s not working. Replace the starter solenoid with a part that fits your model.

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The video includes these parts and tools. Look up your model to make sure you get the right parts for your mower.
Starter solenoid

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The first step to replacing the starter solenoid is to turn the ignition switch off and remove the key. Lift the seat. Remove the bolt connecting the negative cable to the battery. Lift the insulating cover and remove the bolt connecting the positive cable to the battery. Lift the battery out of the battery box. Release the seat switch wire harness clip from the seat bracket. Release the retaining tabs and lift the battery box out of the mower body. Set the box on the fender. Note the location of wires connected to the starter solenoid. Take a photo of the connections to help you reconnect them correctly. Remove the mounting nuts from the terminal posts and pull the wires from the posts. Pull the wires from the coil spades. Remove the starter solenoid mounting bolt from the mower frame. Rotate the starter solenoid forward and pull it out of the mower. Transfer the mounting clip from the old starter solenoid to the new one. Position the new starter solenoid on the frame and install the mounting bolt. Connect the wires to the coil spades. Install the wires on the terminal posts, connecting them with the mounting nuts. Position the battery box in the opening and engage the retaining tabs. Reconnect the seat switch wire harness clip to the seat bracket. Lower the battery into the mower body and align the wire harness and battery cables. Reconnect the positive battery cable to the positive battery terminal. Put the insulating cover back in place. Reconnect the negative battery cable to the negative battery terminal. Lower the seat.



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