Replacing Float, Needle Valve & Seat in Small Engine Carburetors (Walbro LMT as Example)

How to replace floats/pins, needle valves, and seats in small engine carburetors, I used a Walbro LMT with the plastic float as a example and showed the older metal float on a one piece flow jet (all Briggs and Stratton Carburetors, similar on any make/model). Thanks for Watching!!!



17 thoughts on “Replacing Float, Needle Valve & Seat in Small Engine Carburetors (Walbro LMT as Example)

  1. First off great channel! I'm having an issue with the lawnmower getting flooded and the fuel has been sitting over winter so I'm thinking maybe bad float or needle/seat…it runs on and off but seems to be running a little too fuel rich and then when it sits it floods too

  2. If the needle has a rubber tip then the seat is brass usually and can be polished with a Qtip in a drill using polish or rubbing compound. Clean and blow out afterwards.

  3. Question if the needle is BLACK RUBBER TIP do they have a RED SEAT ???
    took apart a Carb for 2014 Briggs 250cc snow engine OHV Cleaned main jet and emulsion tube Clogged
    now the Engine us SURGING ??????????????
    Not Sure if the RED SEAT CAME Out ot it Does not have one ???

  4. The seat goes in one way only!! There is a groove or ridge around the center of the seat, That groove or ridge goes towards the carb, not the needle. Hope this helps someone.

  5. Yet again another informative video!!! Sick of taking carb off. Motor was running now it won't start. PITA!!!!

  6. Now i have a problem with a toro lawnmower carburetor and a Tory Bilt lawnmower carburetor i clean the carburetor jets holes and those kinds of carburetor the jets tube in the middle i don't think that those kinds of tubes can be remove both lawnmower are self primer, i don't think it any compressor problem because both lawnmower almost new, any ideas if so can you please let me know Thanks

  7. What's man i appreciate the your help awhile back for how to set T.D.C. on a Scott lawnmower yes you were right top dead center it's runs like a sewing machine Thanks for your help

  8. What would happen if u didn't put the bump on the bottom of the bowl on the opposite side wouldn't run leaving like does it hold extra fuel or something

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