Rescuing OLD Iron ~ 6 Lathes & 2 Drill Presses ~ The Tool Maker's Machine Shop ~ Episode 3 ~ Part 1

In this episode, we’ll head to The Tool Maker’s Machine shop that has been closed for many many years, and see what OLD machines we can rescue!

Being able to tour this amazing building was more than worth the trip! Then having the opportunity to preserve some of its amazing history here are Salvage Workshop only adds to the awesome experience I had at this old shop!

I hope you enjoy going through this old building and learning a little bit about it and the history I have on it!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this amazing place and the step back in time that I hope it takes you on, because that’s exactly how I feel EVERY time I’ve gone into this historic building!

For Privacy reasons, the owners have asked me not to disclose the location of this building, so please help me respect their wishes, and I hope you enjoy this video series!

The big items we rescued are:

5 Large Engine Lathes
A Turret Lathe
2 Camel Back Drill Presses
And a bunch of tooling and other misc items!

The owners are in the process of converting the property into an office building, and a good deal of the old machines and tooling needed to go!

That’s where I come in!
I originally meant for this to be a 1 part video, but there is just to much to share with you and so I figured showing you a little bit about the WHOLE process would truly do this place justice!

I hope you’ll follow along on this journey as we get further along with it!

~ ~ As of now, the plan for Rescuing Old Iron Episode 3 is to make it a 3 part series.

The 3 parts of this series will look something like this:

Part 1 – Partial tour of the property as it is now, and what machines will be rescued

Part 2 – Final Tour of the rest of the shop! A look at what the place looked like in years past. Moving the drill presses. Going through all the tooling and smaller items rescued.

Part 3 – Moving the Monster Machines Back to Salvage Workshop and taking a closer look at them. A talk about what the plan for them will be!

I’d love to know your thoughts on the experience you had or what it reminds you of down in the comments!


In this series “Rescuing Old Iron” here at Salvage Workshop, I’ll show you where I discover MANY amazing old machines that have been there for 10, 30, or even 100 years! Everything you see me haul back to the workshop has been purchased from the owners, and now has a new lease on life! We’ll talk about the history of the places I take you to and have a little fun PICKIN in search of burred treasures!

Do you ever wonder WHERE all the Old Rusty Tools & Machines being restored on YouTube come from? For some, they find them on the Bay, or FB Marketplace, CL, or from friends, but that’s always AFTER someone else has already DISCOVERED them!!

I’ll take you on an adventure where we’ll discover these old tools & machines right where they’ve been living for a LONG time! If you love machines like these and you enjoy adventures, then I hope you enjoy this new series here at Salvage Workshop!

I am always on the hunt for amazing OLD iron Machines! Finding these gems, & meeting the incredible people along the way that have had them is truly a PASSION of mine!

Join me as I Rescue OLD Iron here in the Midwestern United States!

I’d love to know your thoughts on this adventure!
For those that are interested, here is a short list of the types of machines I’m always searching for…..(by no means is this a complete list!)

– VISES!! I LOVE vises! Big, Small, Weird, BUT ALWAYS quality OLD ones!

– Metal Working / Machine Shop Machines – Lathes, Shapers, Milling Machines, Grinders, Presses, Metal Cutting Bandsaws, Benders, Brakes, Welders, Drill Presses, & all related tooling!

– Large Woodworking Machines – Bandsaws, Planers, Jointers, Sanders, Shapers, & all related tooling!

– Blacksmithing Tools – Power Hammers, Anvils, Forges, Mandrels, Swage Blocks, Post Vises, and ANYTHING related!

– Print Making Machines – Printing Presses, Old metal or wood type sets, Screw presses, Book binding tools, and related tooling!

– UNIQUE machines that aren’t seen very often!

Who knows what else we may run into when we’re out there Rescuing OLD Cast Iron!

If you’re in the Midwestern United States, & you or someone you know has a place with old machines that you’d be interested in showing us here on the channel, please feel free to contact me: I’d Love to speak with you!

If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please leave them below!

Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate your support!

If you would like to support Salvage Workshop, please feel free to donate towards future projects and adventures through my Patreon page! Anything would be MUCH appreciated!


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43 thoughts on “Rescuing OLD Iron ~ 6 Lathes & 2 Drill Presses ~ The Tool Maker's Machine Shop ~ Episode 3 ~ Part 1

  1. WOW! Awesome shop and machine tools. There's really a lot of history there. Glad you could get some of that equipment. I used to run a Warner & Swasey No. 3 and No. 4 turret lathes years ago. Strong machines. All geared heads.

  2. It's not phosphorus in the coal, it's the sulfur content in the coal that causes that, western coal, acid rain, good for power plants not good for blacksmiths or environment. Will work but neighbor's don't like the smell.

  3. A shop like this one…damn, what a time capsule…a window onto the Industrial Revolution…what part of the USA do you call home? Someplace in the Midwest? Maybe New England? I'm in California…I have never seen a shop that old here.

  4. Long and Allstater went bankrupt in 1933. In 1932 Bradford Machines Tool gave notice to their creditors so I believe they went under, too. Both companies were doing well in the 1920s, with numerous advertisements for skilled laborers.

  5. Heaven. Looking at all that machinery fittings and supplies has me dribbling. Looking at all those shelves of cogs ,gears etc etc what a person could make up with all . You have managed to get some spectacular machinery and bits. Congrats. I am so jealous and envious. I’d love to be there giving you a hand. Thanks for the video.

  6. It makes me so sad to see videos like this, end of an era of all american machines making quality parts for industry.

  7. Just found your channel. This shop is amazing. I got irritated when you said they’re keeping that big LeBlond horizontal mill as a “decoration”. OMG, that’s not a decoration ! Give it maybe a little cleaning, definitely some oil, and it’s a running machine. Decoration, my hiney…

  8. If you ever run across a Cochrane bly universal shaper/mill please let me know. looking for a complete machine. Or just the upper

  9. I worked in a metal fabrication shop for about 9 years. We had several CNC presses but we had some older stuff. Including a press built in February of '42. Probably one of the last ones built before we entered WW 2.

  10. I love the tour through them old places, About 11 years ago I got a chance to work in the old building were Sears had made their catalogs for well over a hundred years and it was awesome

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