29 thoughts on “Restoring a Burnt Lawnmower Engine

  1. Old Briggs and Stratton side valves never die. The new OHV ones are nowhere near as good.Mine is 22 years old still fires first pull.

  2. as much as I loved the restore, all you did was transfer a running mowers parts into this bad one. You could have just transferred the running engine onto that burnt deck if you wanted or save time. but hey that was fun.

  3. I trash picked a mower and all the plastic parts seemed to be melted on the engine. I guessed it was in a fire so I guess it can happen. only thing with mine was it wouldn't turn over because the cam gear inside had melted.

  4. Starting fluid (ether) is supposed to be sprayed directly in the carburetor, not directly in the combustion chamber through the spark plug hole. Because it needs to mix with the air to create a combustible mixture.

  5. I like the fact that this young man is doing something creative. Normally most people see a wreck, his vision was seeing it running again. Congrats.. and purely like your mechanical skills. This skill will take you far.

  6. you are an idiot, people throw away burnt mowers for a reason: its called it was on fucking fire, you can't fix something fire damaged, especially something like a gasoline mower, that's almost a guaranteed way to cause another fire

  7. Yeah buddy, that burned out wreck mows again!  You sure have a unique way of pulling that recoil, please be very careful so that mower doesn't come back at you at bite you.

  8. I am impressed!! Very much so. Just the idea to restore this dead mower is worth to be noticed, especially nowadays, when most people do not think twice before they chuck things away to a landfill.How many times  I watched  videos on Youtube and guys show the whole long and painful process of e.g. spark plug remowal or anything else, while a few seconds of filming that would do. We get the idea…The rest can be done beyond camera. I was happy to see you made the shortcuts when recording the  resto.  I would love to see a lot of young people to watch this video. Who knows… maybe this would inspire someone My guess is that you tried to start this mower in such way because you did not want to step on it.I am sure you know better how to start a mower.Congratulations! Job well done.

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