Restoring an Endangered '67 Pontiac LeMans – MuscleCar S2, E11

Watch automotive history unfold as Lou discovers a lost Plymouth Superbird built by the legendary NASCAR builder Ray Nichels! Designed for the Environmental Protection Agency, this Superbird chased commercial jets down the tarmac for emissions testing and was responsible for proving that leaded gas was harmful to the environment.

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43 thoughts on “Restoring an Endangered '67 Pontiac LeMans – MuscleCar S2, E11

  1. FOR SALE: I am an old Pontiac guy who has a few parts for a 1967 LeMans. 1-trunk emblem a full set of 6 chrome side louvers 1- 326 emblem 1- Checkered LeMans trim pieces And 2 chrome curved window trim pieces as well as a several LeMans individual letters I bought for my 68' . I am moving to a retirement home and don't want much money for them just want them to go to a Pontiac guy. I don't really know how ebay works respond here and we can figure it out.

  2. Fun project, but when you start with a car that needs this much work you will quickly wind up with 30 grand and 300 hours into a car that is worth 16 grand! Been it!

  3. Золотые руки у парней ,такие Автомобили в 21 веке должны быть на электродвигателях ,не какого бензина и масла , Только шум колёс и ветра ,и хорошая музыка ,

  4. One of the most informative videos I've watched on the channel.. REAL numbers on cost analysis and budget concerns.. Well done!!!! Definitely going to follow this build!!

  5. I had a ‘68 LaMans Sport that was really a GTO without the Goat badging. Being a teenage driver in ‘68, insurance was high for muscle cars. A friend at the dealership told me I could order a GTO and have it rebadged as a LaMans Sport. It saved me about $125.00 , a month in insurance, and was one hell of a sleeper.

  6. My high school buddy had the exact same car . We cut the tail light panel out and cloned the GTO tail lights. That was one of the coolest cars in school..

  7. i grew up near that area of CT in a trailer park. had that exact same car but mine had a 455 that i rebuilt and ran out of money so i had to get rid of it. never got to drive it and it was the one and only two door car i ever owned

  8. Love the SeaBee and the Navy flags in the shop.
    I went to GM Training Center in Tigard, Oregon in 1970 and we had a 326 Pontiac in the shop to work on. The instructor told us about the issue with the 326. It was actually a 336 for the first two years as Pontiac was not allowed to badge it as such so that the Corvette would have the biggest motor for marketing purposes.
    It would be nice if this was one of the early engines as it would be considerably larger than you are thinking about for cubic inches and horsepower.
    By the way I loved the Pontiacs's and would have loved to have one then or even now.

  9. it was 1973 oil crisis that kill muscle cars, not that superbird. Gearbox, if original is not powerglide, that is chevy gearbox. Pontiac call it TempesTorque. It is allmost same but not same.

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