Restoring the "explosive" RECALLED Galaxy Note7

Lets fix the hottest phone of 2016, make it safe and prevent it from getting bricked by a 0% charge limit update.
Thanks to Chance (Intellitech Studios) for helping me out with his knowledge on the firmwares, charging limit and other note7 Information.
References & Note7 Information:
● (Intellitech Studios)

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45 thoughts on “Restoring the "explosive" RECALLED Galaxy Note7

  1. Thank you, man! now I can remove a mistake I had accidentally made when I saw that a tablet from the same year ran Android 8.

    edit: if u did do this and u cant get it to boot, go into the recovery partition (pwr button, volume up, home button) and click factory reset (navigate using volume keys and select using pwr button)

    edit 2: I think my note 7 is Arabian.

  2. AT&T Ex third party empolyee here, the unlock service of AT&T NEVER WORKS dont even try.

    We had like ten calls out of the 15/20 calls we had on a day, about this issue…… We couldn't solve it, EVER

  3. I always LOVED The Look on the Note 7 idk why

    Update I could just buy a Fan addition and replace the screen and put a ORIGINAL note 7 screen on it

  4. Just a side note, I have a Galaxy S20 but am watching this on my extra phone, the Galaxy S7 flat screen, the best phone design ever. Ergonomic and 577 PPI

  5. So I erased my worst Note 5 (even worse than my 150$ 1GB RAM Samsung tablet)

    And set the software update to automatically update it

    But,had 7 months passed away and I just noticed that my Note 5 is still at Marshmellow and not Nougat
    And I had 0 notifications about software updates

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